Once school is done, we girls are relieved that the convent days are over. This means, we are now allowed to go our way, choose our lifestyles and chic up without anyone’s talk on what not to wear and flaunt. With that being said, today we would like to amp this further, and show you a couple of chic and very stylish yet simple to do hairstyles for girls who are entering college or are in college.

Here Is The List Of Simple Hairstyles:

Please read on and check out the cutest simple and very stylish hairstyles we have brought for you. We shall also give you tips on hair care, so that you know how to keep the hair, healthy and shiny and nice, even though you may have used products to style your hair with. Hence, take a look! It is time to get gorgeous every day!

1. Classy Pony Tail With Base Wrap

The trick of making this hairdo is to pull your hair up into a ponytail and wrap hair strands around the base while covering the ponytail holder. Brush the hair back to make a smooth ponytail. Separate a thin strap of longer hair from below your ponytail. Wrap this thin hair strap around the ponytail. Also, this is a more polished method to hide the hair ties.

2. Messy Wrap Up Plait

Create a ponytail on one side. Leave out two inch hair section to the front on both sides. Take few sections of the hair from the front and pull it towards the ponytail. Make criss-cross sections around the ponytail top and secure with elastic. Repeat this process taking multiple hair sections.

3. Side Pony Tail

Want a side ponytail that’s tres chic yet still undone? Simply pull your hair up into a low ponytail and sweep it towards the sides and wrap it at the base. Allow the ponytail to hang loose.

4. Pony Tail With A Back Puff

Tie your hair up in a ponytail and secure with elastic. Wrap thin strands of hair around the elastic. Comb few sections of the ponytail backwards for a fluffy look. Wrap that hair section using a hair strand. Repeat the steps. Slightly pull the sides of the section hair for a puffy look.

5. High Horsetail

If you are looking for something trendy, you can try this idea of high horsetail. All you need is an elastic band and play along the lengths of your hair elastics. This hairdo will stay in place when you stay busy in classes like spinning.

6. Open Hairstyle

Care to leave your hair open? You can try out a lot of hair variations to amplify your hairstyle such as side swept style, low wavy curls, simple twirl, and even accessorizing with a headband.

7. Side Fishbone Plaits

This hairdo sounds fancy, but in reality it is not. This side fishbone plait is great not only to wear at college but also for summer as it keeps the hair away from your face. It is a style that looks well-groomed but which can be done quickly.

8. Wavy Layered Open Hairstyle

For this hairstyle, you can go au naturel. Very little styling is required for this and you need not try too hard for it. Just try on a light leave-in hair moisturizer and part your hair that most flatters your face shape.

9. Side Swept Open Hairstyle

Do you need help in perfecting the side swept open hairstyle? Then here is how you can do it. Make use of shampoo and conditioner that can maximize hair shine. Use a paddle brush to dry and smoothen out your hair. Choose a side parting that goes quite low. Finish with a nice set of earrings.

10. Mohawk Braid

If you are looking for a wild hairdo that also keeps hair off your face, then the Mohawk braid is the way to go. It can enhance any neckline and allow bringing on some serious attitude. Make a Mohawk section of two inch starting from the nape. Reverse braid from hairline and secure with elastic.

Source: fashionlady.in

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