At first glance, these look like those tiny liquor bottles you find at the checkout line in the liquor store. But if you look more closely, you’ll see they’re actually nail polishes packaged in boozy bottles!

Dubbed Nail Liquor (a play on nail lacquer) by indie beauty brand Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics, these polishes were created to resemble whiskey bottles — and are perfect for your Instagramming pleasure.

The creators behind the beauty brand say they were inspired by the idea that people are “beautiful, multifaceted contradictions,” so they decided to launch a line that represented exactly that. And what’s more contradictory than hot pink nail polish and bottles of whiskey? Not much, I tell ya.

The polishes, which have a built-in top coat, are available in 11 shades and can be purchased for $20 at and So go ahead and stock bathroom cabinet full of ’em.


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