Party makeup look is all about drama and you can’t have that without adding some serious flare to your eyes. The idea is for your eyes to stand-out and the best way to do that? The perfect winged eyeliner. However, achieving this look is easier said than done.

So to be honest, if you manage to do the perfect eyeliner on one eye, it can be a tricky feat to get them to match.

Thanks to this clever tutorial from Eimear Mc Elheron the perfect wing is so much easier to nail than you actually think. And this winged liner doesn’t have to be necessarily black, you can play up with different colors too.

Let’s see some easy steps to the perfect eyeliner:


First, start up with a series of dots to help you as a guide for your eye. Begin with the corner of your eye, and then above your iris towards your pupil, Keep dotting above the end of your iris and where the white of your eyes ends. Curving upwards, your last two dots should be right off the tip of your eyes.


Next connect the tops of your dots along the eye, always making sure that the line curves the shape of your eye.


Track the bottom of the flick to draw the triangle shape by creating the “wing” outline.

To see the rest of the instructions for the cat eye, watch the video down below and get the full instructions.

Source: metdaan.com


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