The world of ponytails does not mean messy and greasy hair ready for school in two minutes. Ponytails can look much cuter and more elegant, without a lot of effort. Low ponytails are a great choice for an everyday look, especially for office work or school. That’s why you need to spice up your ponytail hairstyles with this incredible hairstyle tutorial made by the 32-year-old YouTuber PartyJordan.

PartyJordan is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber and digital media influencer who is most well received for her tutorials and advice on hairstyles. Her videos helped her earn more than 10 million total subscribers between each of her five channels. You can find all kinds of easy hairstyles for any occasion on her YouTube videos. In the following video, she will how you how to make cute-looking, but also elegant low ponytails. From tied knots to twisted hair and braiding, you will certainly fall in love with these unusual styles.

She is using a Looping tool or Topsy tail to help her create these simple hairstyles in less than two minutes each. Find some inspiration in her video below the pictures.

1. Ponytail 1

2. Ponytail 2

3. Ponytail 3

4. Ponytail 4

5. Ponytail 5

6. Ponytail 6

7. Ponytail 7

8. Ponytail 8

9. Ponytail 9

10. Ponytail 10

Here is the whole video:


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