Well, okay. Matte isn’t exactly a color, but it’s definitely the rage now. It’s actually more of the type of color. It’s when a color is flat or dull. It doesn’t shine nor is it metallic. It’s not even glittery and definitely not glossy. But even when it’s a boring type, it’s actually one of those colors that you will want to have, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

There’s now a whole line of matte lipstick. We’re so used to the shiny and glowing lips that definitely makes us look more healthy and hydrated. Yet, matte is popular. It gives a sudden natural feeling to the whole look plus it’s extremely sophisticated. There are even matte eye-shadows that are great for the “no make-up” look. And of course, a matte finish powder to avoid any shine on our faces.

But the concept of matte isn’t just for the skin or the face anymore. We can also slay with matte nail polish. This has now become the newest trend an it’s been going for a whole now. There were velvet nail polish before and that’s when people probably realized that matte nail polish actually looked so stunning. It can go well with any look especially when you’re pulling out a sophisticated chic look. But it’s also great for casual and formals.

The Power of Matte

Since there is no shine, a matte nail polish could be partnered with almost anything. There’s a tendency with natural nail polish to get too much sometimes when partnered with various designs such as glitters and metallic. It could make the nail design too glossy or shiny.

Now with matte. It’s definitely the perfect element. It will balance the metallic or the glitter and it will be a great combination that can make many different looks. Plus even when you partner it with the same matte, it still would look totally amazing. It actually makes it look so clean and polished that it looks like you’ve done professional help even when it’s a DIY look. So what more could it look like done by a pro?

If you think you’re ready for the power of matte, then you could definitely look ath these wonderful nail art design in matte and find the inspiration you need.

Source: cuded.com

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