This tutorial will show you how to achieve romantic curls. The curls always gives a soft, feminine look that will look and feel great for any occasion. Start off with clear air dry hair. Try not to blow dry you hair since we do not want to expose too much heat onto the hair. Comb out the tangles with wide-toothed comb. Clip half of your hair up to start from the lower back to the top. Sectioning off your hair will give them more texture and volume.

Start with bottom section and apply any heat protectant beforehand. Take your favorite Curling Iron of 1-1/4”. When it reaches the desired temperature, take a 1 inch section, curl it in outwards direction, hold it in the same position as you clip the end. This will prevent loose hair from falling. As you roll up make sure all your hair has even contact with the Iron. Start curling from the end rolling it all the way up. This will help those who have layered hair. You want an even distribution of heat so that your curls look consistently wavy. As you roll off, gently pull the iron away from your face in downward motion. Remember to clip the iron near the ends of your hair, not on it, but near it. This will prevent the ends of your hair from burning since the ends are the driest part of your hair. Leave the hair on curling iron for about 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure with other hair to achieve loose curls. The lower section needs to be looser.

As we go up, we are building layers, volume and texture. After completing the bottom section, hair spray to lock in the curls. Clip the fresh curls in place so that they don’t mix up with straight hair. Now let’s start with curling the middle section. Take down another half of your hair and clip the other half back up. Start with curling your midsection but this time keep the iron on your hair for about 8seconds. The curls should be tighter than before. Make sure your iron have proper heating temperature, ideal temperature is up to 350 Fahrenheit. Work your way with smaller sections to get tighter curls. Repeat the procedure and hairspray on the midsection clipping them away.

Take the remaining hair which will be the last section and upper most. Keep the iron on for 12 seconds. The last frontal section should have the best curls. Finish off with hairspray to keep flyaways especially in place.



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