Hello sweethearts,

Today, this post will be about “Best hair colors for brown skin”. Stay tuned, gorgeous ladies to find some amazing hues that will flatter your skin tone and turn you into an ultimate diva in absolutely no time!

For warm brown skin tones:

If you have a warm skin tone, you will have a natural warm glow and when you wear jewelry, gold and rose gold tend to suit you the best. Also, you love dressing up in hues of red, yellow and coral.

1. Golden brown:

Golden brown hair color is a beautiful warm shade for brownish skin tones and it amps up your whole look. It works exceptionally well on people having green and hazel colored eyes.

2. Deep hues of red:

Hair colors like Auburn combine deep shades of red with a tinge of warm brown and look really elegant and sophisticated. Therefore, if you are a working woman and want to play with your hair color, you can choose a hair color like this without the worry of it turning too playful for your office environment.

3. Chocolate:

Chocolate hair color, with its warm tawny hue, strikes the perfect balance between warm and brown skin tone. It looks well on fair skinned beauties as well, but think of this hair color on deeper and golden complexions and you will be swept off your feet.

4. Espresso:

When you think of espresso, you are reminded of deep and freshly grounded coffee. As the name suggests, espresso is a deep shade of brown that adds a lot of drama and boldness to your luscious mane. To make this hair color look absolutely delicious, you may also ask your hair stylist about some hair glossing treatments that will keep your hair shiny and provide it with luster.

5. Honey colored streaks:

Honey is a warm tawny shade and ideal for people with golden-brown warm complexions with dark colored eyes. This hair color will look best when chosen as streaks but will work well even when opted in global style.

For cooler skin tones:

If you have a cool skin tone, you will have a rosy-pink glow and your veins appear bluish. Also, jewelry-wise, silver suits you the best and you tend to choose colors like blue, black and pink while dressing up.

1. Deep coffee brown:

A trendy coffee mocha hair color looks flawless and flatters pink skin tones nicely and brings out the color of their eyes exceptionally well. Another great benefit of opting for this hair color is that it looks good no matter how you style your hair; it goes well with almost every hairstyle.

2. Shades of burgundy:

Burgundy looks well on brunettes with deep and rich skin tones and lifts the soul of your hair in an instance. Burgundy resembles the color of wine which comes from the region of Burgundy, France and comes in a variety of beautiful shades like Cabernet, Merlot, Cranberry, Cordovan and Maroon to choose from.

3. Pitch black:

It is one of the easiest hair colors to do. Black looks bold, classy, and stylish and gives you an aura of sensibility and authority. Also, if you fear that you will get bored of this classic hair color easily, fret not, ladies, as there is a plethora of highlighting options that you can explore and experiment with pitch black hair.

4. Mahogony:

Mahogany looks sultry, sexy and suits the hair of every length and varying textures. It’s a deep, cool and reddish brown hair color which makes for an excellent choice for cooler skin tones and adds a lot of oomph to their hair game without looking over the top.

5. Funky highlights in blue shades:

If you are bold and vivacious and are not afraid to show it off, you can try opting for funky highlights in various shades of blue. Blue color complements cooler skin tones like nothing else can and highlights of this color look good on darker hair colors.

That’s all for today, girls! Hope this helps.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com