Celebrating her 7th year as a YouTube blogger and Nail Art tutor, Sandi Crystal Ball takes us through another video of how-to nails for beginners!

1. 3-D Line Design

Paint your nail black, add a big stroke of dark purple down the nail. You may need two coats since we are placing the purple on top of the black and we wanna reach the best opacity we can. Once that top is dried, apply a lighter purple stroke on top of it. Finish it with a single white stripe. This creates gradience between the colors and establishes movement in the pattern and liveliness. There is no one that won’t notice you with this pattern.

2. Interlocked Dotticure

The base color is neon blue. Add two coats and wait for it to dry. Once that’s dry, make a diagonal stroke of chrome silver nail polish across the nail and fill in just one side. Use a dotting tool to add some dots over the neon blue side right where it meets the silver. Then add a couple of smaller silver dots over the blue side. Now, do the exact same procedure but with the neon blue polish. Blue dots on top of the silvery side this time around. Coat it with a fast drying translucent nail polish.

3. Flower Design

Begin with a white base. Add three yellow dots to create the center of the flower. Add petals with different nail polish. Top coat to finish it off.

4. Braided Pattern

Start with coral green as the base coat. Use two more different colors to stroke the lines right to left and left to right as you would braid your hair. Refer to the video for the way to do the pattern.

5. Nebula Design

This is one of Sandi’s favorite patterns. Paint your nail black. Use a little makeup sponge and tweezers to create white nebulas over your nail. Add in a neon blue over the white, and then add in some black nail polish over the white to ease up the clear-cut edges between the black backdrop and the white nebula pattern. Blend them together. For the top coat, add a nail polish that has little black and white circle confetti on the top.

6. Leopard Print

The base coat is white. Add different-colored big spots over the nail just using the nail polish brush. Encircle the big spots with smaller black dots using a toothpick. Add in a couple of little black spots in the open white areas.

7. Frizzly Bubbles

The base color is light purple. Add in a few big spots in a darker purple color. As you go up the nail add in a few smaller ones. Use an even darker purple to overlap with the big purple spots and some smaller ones as you move up the nail. You want to create a visual of fizzy bubbles. Apply a translucent top coat to keep everything in spot!

8. Waterfalls

White nail polish as the base. Use a few different shades of pink and a sparkly silver, applying them with a striper. Make them come down from the cuticle to the tip of the nail as if they were waterfalls.

9. Scallop Nail Art

Use a nude shade on the base. Proceed with coral green to apply three strokes coming from the middle of the nail, coming down at varying heights. Use red to create three more scallops. Finish off with a top coat.

10. Polar-Bear-In-A-Snow-Storm Design

A simple white base covered with a top coat for the less fortunate beginners.

Source: metdaan.com

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