Lips are always the subject of attention in a woman. However, the same cannot be said about the upper lip hair. Expect unwanted embarrassment or frequent visits to the beauty parlor to get that pesky hair on your upper lips removed. Thankfully, there are natural ways available through home remedies which help remove upper lip hair for good.

Let us find out the causes and remedies for removal of upper lip hair.

What Causes Upper Lip Hair Growth

The one area in the body where one least expects hair growth is lips. It is almost equivalent to having a man’s mustache on a woman’s face. Blame it on hormonal and hereditary factors, when upper lip hair growth happens. Moreover, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common disorder in women which accelerates the facial hair growth. Does it send you alarm signals? No way, as the next section will show you natural ways to get rid of upper lip hair.

Here Are The Natural Tips To Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently

Nature has its ways to provide us umpteen solutions in beauty and health. Here are some fruitful ways that will help you say goodbye to upper lip hair. And they are easy to follow.

1. Turmeric And Milk

The goodness of turmeric is not just in the healing domain, but in beauty as well. When you rub turmeric paste on your skin, it helps you get rid of unwanted hair too. So you see, turmeric is nature’s best concoction in hair removal.

What You Need: Turmeric and milk, and a small bowl.

How to Make: Mix 1 tbsp turmeric (Haldi) with 1 tbsp milk in a bowl.

How to Use: Apply the paste of turmeric and milk on your upper lip using your fingers.

Direction To Apply: Allow some time for the haldi-milk paste to dry up. Then rub it off your skin. Wash it off with cold water.

Why this works: Turmeric is known to lighten the skin. This makes the upper lip hair look less visible.

Precaution: Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, turmeric-milk combination can irritate your skin a bit. In that case, you can use turmeric-water paste.

2. Turmeric And Water

In this upper lip hair removal technique, you only have to substitute milk with water.

What You Need: Just turmeric and water.

How to Make: Combine equal parts of turmeric and water in a mixing bowl.

How to Use: Apply the paste on your upper lips and leave it for half an hour.

Direction To Apply: Once the paste gets hardened, rub it gently and then wash it off.

Why this works: Repeat this technique for about a month and you will see no new growth of upper lip hair.

3. Egg White

This is another way to reduce the growth of upper lip hair.

What You Need: 1 Egg white, some corn flour, few tsp of sugar.

How to Make: In one egg white, mix some cornflour and sugar.

How to Use: Whisk the paste well into stickiness before you apply it.

Direction To Apply: Apply the paste on the upper lip region and leave it to dry. After 30 minutes, gently peel it off.

Why this works: Egg white paste bleaches your skin. This helps it cut down on the appearance of upper lip hair.

4. Gram Flour

Chana Dal flour is effective in removing upper lip hair.

What You Need: Gram flour, some turmeric, water.

How to Make: Blend the ingredients well. You can also add a bit of fresh cream to the mixture.

How to Use: Apply this paste on the upper lip and allow it to dry.

Direction To Apply: Scrub the paste against the direction of hair growth for best results.

5. Sugar

For painless waxing, sugar is a good ingredient. Apart from removing unwanted hair follicles, it also prevents the growth of new hair.

What You Need: Sugar and lemon juice.

How to Make: Heat sugar in a pan. Add some lime juice to it. Keep stirring it till it develops into a thick liquid.

How to Use: Once the sugar and lemon juice concoction has cooled off, apply it on the upper lip region.

Direction To Apply: Using a piece of cloth, apply the paste on the upper lip area. Then, pull off the cloth strip against the direction of hair growth.

6. Lemon, Sugar, And Water

This is yet another good technique for removal of upper lip hair.

What You Need: Juice of two lemons, water, and sugar.

How to Make: Squeeze two lemons. Add water and sugar to it to make it into a fine paste.

How to Use: Gently apply this paste on the upper lips. After 15 minutes when the paste has dried up, wash it off with water.

7. Brown Sugar Waxing

It is an experienced fact that normal waxing is a painful exercise. However, sugar waxing is not. That is why it is a smarter alternative.

What You Need: 1 cup brown sugar, lemon juice, water.

How to Make: Combine all the ingredients in a pan. Put them on the heat. At the same time, wash your face and pat it dry.

How to Use: Dust the face powder over your upper lip.

Direction To Apply: Using a spatula put the sugar wax on your upper lips. Now put a soft dry cloth over the lip area. Rub the area for a few minutes in circular movements. Then peel it off from the bottom to the top in quick motion.

Precautions: You can put an ice pack on the upper lip in order to ease the pain and bring down inflammation.

8. Yogurt, Gram Flour, And Turmeric

Get the triple effect of this combination while removing upper lip hair.

What You Need: Yogurt, Chana dal flour, turmeric.

How to Make: Combine equal quantity of these ingredients in a bowl.

How to Use: Mix the ingredients well and massage the upper lip with this paste.

Direction To Apply: After 15 to 20 minutes, wash off your upper lip with cold water.

9. Flour

Flour is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get rid of upper lip hair.

What You Need: Flour, milk, turmeric, and a bowl.

How to Make: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and turn it into a paste.

How to Use: Apply the flour mixture on the upper lip area and once it has dried up, peel it off.

10. Threads

This is by far the simplest remedy for upper lip hair removal, wherein all you need is a thread.

What You Need: Thread only.

How to Make: Start by twisting a loop of thread under the upper lip. Now uproot the hair.

Precaution: Threading is a temporary fixture as it lasts for 10 to 14 days, after which you might need to repeat this procedure.

Apart from natural ways, there are cosmetic ways also to make your upper lips look hairless. Let us check them out.

Best Lip Hair Removal Products

There are a variety of upper lip hair removal products available. Here are some of them which you can try it out.

1. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

Olay, the trusted brand, extends its skin care expertise to the removal of facial hair. This dual action kit has a Skin Guarding Balm which you need to apply before the actual cream, for better skin protection.

2. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover For Face

This pack from Sally Hansen has an upper lip hair removal cream along with a replenishing lotion. Makes your skin soft thanks to a special formula comprising of collagen and vitamin E.

3. Surgi-Cream Extra Gentle Formula For Face

This is a quick, effective way to remove facial hair from your upper lip, even cheeks, and chin. And the beauty of it is that it works in four minutes.

4. Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

This painless facial hair removal creme is meant for sensitive skin. Shows wonders on the upper lip area pretty well.

Say Goodbye to Upper Lip Hair

Now that I have listed out natural and cosmetic ways for upper lip hair removal, which one will you use? Write in your comments and share your suggestions too.


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