New season, new look — and your hair is the easiest place to start. But you don’t need to lop off your length or use a box of dye to make a major change. These 18 styles will do just the trick when it comes to switching up your style.

Super-Snatched Pony

How chic is Jasmine Tooke’s tight pony?! To recreate it, brush your hair up to the crown of your head using a boar bristle brush to help smooth any bumps and add shine. Then, secure with an elastic. Finally, cover the hair tie with a sliver of hair from underneath the pony and run a flat iron over the tail to complete your sleek look.

A Pretty Plait

Want a more polished, yet subtly undone look, like Emily Ratajkowski’s? Simply leave out a few face-framing pieces and then create a traditional braid that flows over your right shoulder. Skip the hair tie and finish the braid off with a black ribbon bow (scoop this at the craft store!) for a feminine touch.

Sweet, Half-Up Pony

To copy Hailee Steinfeld’s half-up look, section off all the hair from your ears up and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic, wrap a sliver of hair around the hair tie to conceal it, and then loosely wave the rest of your hair with a large barrel curling iron.

Sexy Waves

Nothing says summer like Ashley Graham’s flowing beachy waves. After wrapping your hair around a curling rod (the key is to leave your ends out for a more natural-looking finish), mist your mane with a texturizing or salt spray to add a piece-y coolness to your mane.

Coiled Topknot

Channel Zendaya’s ‘do and take your topknot to the next level. Instead of bunching up all your hair into a bun, twist the tail of a high pony into a coil and wrap it around itself to create a cleaner effect. Lock it in place with pins, and go!

Sleek, Hidden Braid

Think of Olivia Culpo’s style as the easiest way to upgrade your typical high pony. To copy her cool-girl look, tightly braid a 1-inch section at your temple until you reach the crown of your head, then pull the rest of your hair back into a sleek ponytail, and finally secure the style with a hair tie.

Bohemian-Inspired Double Buns

Want the effect of an intricate updo minus the effort for a summer wedding? Emma Stone’s stacked buns will get you there. Split your hair into two sections (think top and bottom half of your hair), twist each section into a loosely coiled bun, and pin each in place. Don’t worry about layers poking out, that’s part of the allure of this chic style!

Loose, Crimped Waves

Using a jumbo three-barrel curler, take 2-inch sections and gently clamp the iron down the length of your hair to create S-shaped waves, like Camila Belle’s. Don’t have this specialized tool handy? Create the same soft waves by alternating a flat iron forward and backward (basically hold the iron, and then point your palm down and then up) to get this chic wave.

 9 Flirty Pony

Leave it to Gisele Bündchen to make summer’s staple ponytail sexy AF. It’s messy, I-didn’t-even-try in the front, and a full, tousled tail in the back — the perfect combo. To steal her style, rake your hair back into a high pony using your fingertips, secure the look with an elastic band, and wave the tail with a curling iron. Lightly backcomb the ends to pump up the pony.

10 Sky-High, Curly Style

To copy Rihanna’s cool-girl, sky-high pony, gather your bundle of curls on top of your head and secure it into place with a cloth hair tie or scrunchie to eliminate damage. Allow the ends to frame your face for a fierce, flawless look.