With these 10 super easy hairstyles, Kaitlin Emma demonstrates that the beauty is in simplicity. These hairstyles are perfect for a day at school or at work – you will be good to go in a minute or two and your friends and colleagues are going to love your look. And the best thing? There are 10 different styles, so you can switch it up for almost two weeks until you settle on the one you like best. Or if you’re one those tireless gals who likes to always likes to wear her hair different, this will give you a 2-week inspiration.

1. Messy ponytail

2. Double plait half-crown

3. Plait pig-tails

4. Side fishnet ponytail

5. A cute side plait

6. The three-braid hairstyle

7. Braid-in-ponytail/ponytail-in-braid

8. Tiny plait hairband

9. Twisted side-ponytail

10. Headband-braid

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Source: metdaan.com

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