We all have different facial structures. Some of us have big eyes whereas some have smaller eyes. Of course, there is a specific dimension and all about the perfect face but then, makeup is all about playing with your existing facial features. Why don’t you bring out the best in your existing facial features? We all know oval face and big eyes are the perfect facial structure. But, how about playing with round face and small eyes. Below given are some of the best makeup tips for round face and small eyes.

1. Wing it

Winged eyeliner looks very pretty on small eyes. It looks cute and it is a sure shot way to lengthen your eyes. And, on round face it will add an element of drama to your face. Thus, girls with round face and small eyes wing it out.

2. Groom but don’t Over-Groom

Grooming your eyebrows is a must to frame your face. But, the problem is that, in case of rounded face, you cannot over-groom your eyelashes. It is because your eyebrows should be full. Only then, the chubbiness of your rounded face will look reduced.

3. Reduce the Puffiness

For small eyes, you should always take care to reduce the puffiness. Puffiness can occur in your eyes because of different lifestyle habits. Thus, make sure that with proper makeup, you can change it completely.

4. Use Light or Neutral Colour for your Eyes

Try to use light or neutral colours on your eyes. This will create an illusion that your eye area has got large amount of space and thus, your eyes will look bigger and in proportion to your round face. You can try the nude eye shadow palette like Wet n Wild Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette – Nude Awakening.

5. Thick Upper Water Line

When you give an impression of thick upper water line, then the focus shifts from the roundness of your cheeks and it goes to the thick lined eyes. It looks awesome and thus, it will help you immensely in taking away the roundness and chubbiness of your face.

6. Applying Blush

Blush should be applied below the apple of your cheeks in case of round face. It is because, if you apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks, then it will further make your face round and it will look quite unflattering. Thus, remember you should always apply blush below the apple area for rounded face structure. You can try blush which has multiple shades like Make Up For Ever Artist face Colour Blush H106.

7. Eyelash Effect

Eyelashes can also play a major role in bringing the drama out on your lashes. Thus, go with mascara and false lashes. This will intensify your eye game and make it look sexy and sultry. You can try one of the best mascaras like Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara.

8. Earthy Tones

For rounded face structure, earthy neutral tones like brown and nude shades work best. If you think of applying pink or orange colour on your cheeks, then it might not look great. Also, earthy tones work as a natural contouring colour and thus, looks fab on rounded faces. For instance, you can try earthy tones as your blush like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush Paaarty.

9. Dark Colour on Lips

Stay away from light lip colours. Light lip colours will shift your focus in the upward direction and thus your rounded face will look quite rounded. Thus, apply some dark colours on your lips so that, the focus stays on the lower portion of your face and you will get all that dazz and sexiness on your face. Try some sultry and sexy lip colours like L’Oreal Paris Pure Red Colour Riche Star Collection Pure Garnet.

10. Use Shimmer

Shimmer also goes a long way in adding some drama and glamour to your face. The key for the correct makeup of rounded face is to shift or take away the focus. Thus, apply shimmer at the inner corner of your eyes or use some shimmery highlighter. Any of them can do wonders to your rounded face. You can try with shimmery eyeshadow like Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette– 04 Be Fearless.

11. Use Gloss

Gloss makeup is also a great way to amp up your style game for the rounded face. Gloss makeup will reflect the light and thus, you can see the glamour and drama on the face.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

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