Maxi skirts look really chic and give a soft feminine vibe to any outfit. However, if you are a big girl or have a really curvy and luscious body and are in a dilemma if these skirts would suit you or not, fret not. Today, I am back with a post on “Ways to style maxi skirt for plus size”. Stay tuned!

1. With a simple tank top/tee

Wearing your maxi skirt with a simple and basic tank top or a t-shirt allows your skirt to be the center of attention and does not let your top steal away attention from it. Also, neutral and basic colors take away attention from your tummy if that’s your problematic area.

2. With a bold necklace

Wearing a bold necklace with your maxi skirt takes your fashion game up by a notch and gives off a sexy boho-chic vibe. Try a single statement choker-style necklace if you think you can pull it off or layer different length necklaces together for an effortless look.

3. With a layered and curly hairstyle or a bandana

Curly hair goes really well with the vibe of a floral maxi skirt; top it up with a cute floral vibrant bandana and you are ready to set the floor on fire wherever you go! Also, when you let your hair down, you tend to look a bit taller and your face looks thinner so, all in all, this is a win-win situation.

4. Experiment with bold colors and prints

If you also feel restricted to experiment with prints and colors because of your curvy body, shed those inhibitions and experiment however much you want. The key to finding a flattering pick is choosing something that fits your body perfectly and accentuates all your good features while hiding any problematic area.

5. Choose dark colors

Dark colors will make the big bottom look more toned up while making you look more toned and sexier. Colors like black, navy blue or marsala will flatter your body the most and could be your best pick.

6. With high heels

Maxi skirt, if worn right, gives an illusion of length and looks glamorous. To take up your glam game to the next level, pair your maxi skirt with sky high heels and rock the trend like a boss.

7. Color blocking blouse

The color-blocking trend has been around for quite a while and is here to stay for some more time as well. Pair your maxi skirt with a vibrant and quirky georgette color-block blouse to make heads turn wherever you go.

8. With a sequined crop top

We don’t agree that plus sized beauties should not wear crop tops, and neither should you. If you find the correct print, color, and fabric, go ahead and experiment with it. A crop top accentuates your waist in a very subtle way and looks elegant for an evening party.

9. With a denim/chambray shirt

Denim/chambray shirt adds just the right amount of rustiness to an otherwise feminine outfit and is a great way to dress up for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends.

10. Add a fun statement belt

A belt draws attention to your toned-up waist and breaks the monotony of an otherwise neutral hued outfit. If your outfit lacks color and spark, throw in a gorgeous belt and get ready to swoon with your good looks. However, keep in mind that plus sized ladies should ideally opt for thinner and sleeker belts instead of big ones.

11. Do bold and dark lips

Bold lips have been in vogue since forever and its time that you take some inspiration from the ladies sporting them and try them on yourself. You will be amazed at how quickly it changes your overall look and make you the star of any event.

That’s all for today, girls! Hope this helps!