Lining your eyes is just one tiny part of the whole makeup shebang, but eyes are so important to your personality – avoiding the dreaded cliche here – that making mistakes when applying eyeliner might completely ruin your hard work elsewhere. If your efforts in front of the mirror often end with unsatisfactory results, whether you are going for cat eyes, the smoky look or even the most basic winged liner, do not despair. As with many other things in life, online tutorials come to the rescue as Eagles do in J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.

Presented by beauty guru, Tina Yong, the Youtube video we are sharing with you should start putting your eyeliner worries to bed. Pretty Tina will take you through her 12 ways of taking one’s eyeliner game to a more professional level. Here are a selected few.

1. Lining all around the eye

As Tina says, most people are guilty of doing it at some point, but if “overlining” is still part of your makeup routine, it might be time to re-consider your approach.

Lining the entire eye area, top to bottom and around both corners, actually makes the eyes appear smaller – something almost every girl tries to avoid.

If you’re going for a wide-eyed look, Tina recommends only using liner on the lid of the eye, as close to the lash line as possible. By putting the liner down sooner, you will look much more awake and alert.

2. Roughing up the eye area

If you are petrified by those crow feet forming around your eyes, this one’s for you.

Yanking or lifting the eyelids while applying makeup not only irritates this delicate region, it can also contribute to the formation of deep wrinkles!

So, instead of using your finger to pull the lid, Tina recommends keeping your hands off your face when lining the eyes. Just lift your chin skyward and you shouldn’t have any problems. This method will keep fine lines from forming and, as a bonus, reduce the number of the wrong moves you make.

3. Focusing solely on the bottom line

The makeup equivalent to only focusing on the upper part of your body at the gym, this is a clear no-go unless you are in your early teens and going for an older look.

So, to make those peepers pop while still preserving the natural shape of your eyes, Tina recommends drawing a tight line on the lid and using a lighter brown shade at the bottom. If you want to make your eyes appear wider, you can always carefully apply a nude pencil liner on the lower water line.

Make sure to watch the video to find out Tina’s 9 additional tips for getting rid of those lining dogmas that are holding your eyeliner game back!


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