Who thought that learning shapes can actually be fun? The way to do it is actually quite simple: use your nails.

By that I mean, draw some shapes on your nails. If you think about it, you’re using something boring to make something else look cool. It’s redemption day for seemingly boring shapes!

Here are some great geometric/shape nail art designs

1. Nothing too crazy going on here

2. Just some five-pointed stars, as you do

3. Quite a complex design on this one

4. A very cool triangle-focused design

5. They have achieved a semi-stained glass look here, and the color combo works really well too

6. Speaking of stained glass…

7. There’s no particular pattern here, but nothing wrong with that

8. So simple but so cool at the same time

9. If Cleopatra was alive in the 21st century, these would be her nails

10. Nude negative space

11. Kinda like animated shapes

12. Some windows to show the nails underneath

Source: metdaan.com

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