Having so many nail designs, there should also be a lot of nail shapes to go with them. Almond, coffin, stiletto, square, oval, rounded square and now…lipstick! Never heard of it? Lipstick nails look pretty different but are as gorgeous as any other shape. The designs that you are going to see below are just an example of how great this nail shape can look on your nails. So get your clippers out and try this shape for yourself!

1. The perfect bling bling on these yellow nails.

2. Bold colors and some bedazzles is the answer.

3. What about cheetah print matte?

4. Mermaid green with some glitter never looked better.

5. But let’s admit it, nude rocks it all.

6. You shouldn’t mess with this girl for sure.

7. These ones are only for edgy and ready to experiment girls.

8. The cutest of them all with polka dots.

9. Add some negative space to this look!

10. So elegant!

10. So elegant!

11. Grrrr, want them already.

12. Are you now convinced that a lipstick nail shape can rock every other shape?

Source: metdaan.com