In the last couple of years, nail art took design and fashion to a whole new level. Artists outdid themselves with all sorts of designs which mixed proficiency and creativeness to the same extent.

Most of the patterns are nail art that complements your whole persona and doesn’t really affect your lifestyle or the surroundings. People opt for a more minimal approach to nail art experiments. They try to keep it down on the low.

Some of them, on the other hand, try to challenge the fashion status quo as much as possible and are willing to sport more eccentric nails.

One way or the other, you will rarely see a woman or a man with just plain, neat nails. Nail art has grabbed a hold of people all around the world, no matter the age and the background.

The nails that I am about to comment on take more of a storytelling approach since this is literally what they are, fairy tale scenes depicted on nails!

1. Today we meet…

Are there any fonder memories than those of having your first date with your loved one? Especially when you two end up being together for the rest of your lives?

2. Kids will love these nails!

I bet almost everyone remembers E.T!

3. I remember crying when my mom used to read me the story, or when the cartoon would happen to be on TV at the same time I was in front of the movie set!

I felt so sorry for Cinderella since I couldn’t believe anyone can have such an evil family! And to even think that she was an orphan! My heart breaks even now!
I would just like to compliment the artist since they made sure to make the nails look like a cartoon, instead of doing something overly slick and polished!

4. Another example of a simpler take of something that could have been lifeless and dry if it wasn’t brought to perfection!

The way the fiery red and the baby blue complement each other is just perfect!

5. I am trying to come up with a story for this particular nail art. Boy meets girl under the starry skies?

6. The Flash getting a speeding ticket is a genius concept in on itself!

7. The way the sunrise in the backdrop is done with hombre technique is out of this world!

8. Absolute fire!

9. Cherry blossoms and birds kissing on a branch is my idea of the perfect date!

10. The white backdrop really accentuates the craftsmanship in this design.

11. I think this truly requires the hand and the mind of a master nail artist!

12. Absolutely endearing! What puts me in awe of this design is the grass. I wonder how they did that?


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