A quick and easy to do heatless hairstyle is what you need for a regular day in school, at your workplace, or when you’re shopping. Even though, there are countless tutorials on heatless hairstyles out there, this is one that you really should not miss.

Since being shared in August, 2015 it has been opened almost 10 million times! And rightly so: the fifteen heatless hairstyles that are shown are as adorable as they are simple.

The tutorial is done by British-Australian vlogger Lily Burt who continues to upload videos regularly. Besides hair styling, the topics include makeup, product reviews and lookbooks.

Here are some of the hairstyles Lily demonstrates.

1. A simple voluminous ponytail

2. Two French braids tied behind

3. A cool messy bun

4. A rich ponytail decorated with a ribbon

5. A unique bun split in half with the excess hair

6. A simple three-section side French braid

7. An elegant bun with some loose hair in front

8. A ponytail wrapped around itself

These are only some of the heatless hairstyles from the tutorial.

Check out the video below for all fifteen of these wonderful everyday styles.

Source: metdaan.com

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