A French manicure is one of the more well known and time-tested proven ways to get a nice set of nails rolling. However, some of you may consider the French manicure in its simplest form a little bit boring and unimaginative. So why not check out these fresh and beautiful takes on the regular French manicure? Here are some ideas for you.

1. Matte V

Using different polish textures and tip shapes, you can make this interesting design.

2. Black & blue

Combining two bold colors into a geometric-inspired design is another great alternative.

3. Glitter

Glittery French tips are always a good idea.

4. Bejeweled

Combining jewels with a colorful palette will definitely make people look twice.

5. Lovely

A perfect design for Valentine’s Day with that little heart detail.

6. Triangle

No need to overcomplicate the design to make it look good, just add a simple shape on the traditional tip and it will make a good difference.

7. Navy

One of my fav combos – matte and shiny of the same color.

8. Ombré tips

You know how to use a sponge for the ombre look? Here’s a good way to try it out.

9. Floating

Two shades of blue,different enough. Not that hard to create either.

10. Geometric

Just a simple, but still quite sophisticated and modern design, perfect for an evening out.

11. Vanilla

Although I wouldn’t describe what we’re looking at here as vanilla, it still looks quite cool. Especially the next-to-middle finger with its intricate design.

12. Hearts

Go for hearts, because you’re The Queen.

13. Mother of pearl

The accents are calm and classy, while the polish chosen is quite loud and it contrasts perfectly.

14. Grey ombré

Another ombre look, but not like the one you’ve become so used to seeing. It’s spread across each individual nail, to create a rather unique look.

15. Ruffian

This final look turns a classic French mani on its head to create an equally stunning design.

Source: metdaan.com

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