When artists paint the ladies, and when we mention word ”women” it always remind us to women with long hair. I’m sure that is rarely that we imagine women in general, with short hair. We humans are strange creatures, when we get used to something we heavy accustom to change, something unexpected and unplanned. It’s hard for us to accustom on something that will change our everyday life, and something because of what everyone will look at us. And you my dear, as me, certenly have been in a situation where you wanted to do something with yourself, to be more seductive, more beautiful, more desirable. At such moments usually all of us ran to the hairdresser.

Hair is a trademark of every lady. If you feel your haircut is monotonous, if you do not know more what to do with your long tresses, I have a proposal! Cut your hair – short and repaint it black . Yes, you heard well!
Short hair is super new Hollywood trend. Short haircut has always been great choice of determined women who know what they want – and more importantly, they know how to get. Cleopatra wore a black hair, and about her femininity people write and today. You will be the main on the street. Black short hair is a choice of strong ladys who perfectly cope with the relentless everyday, who are strong and optimistic, although black color sounds dark. Whether you decide for modern bob hairstyle, seductive ”moptop ”, page, short curls, deep frizzle from the middle of the head which ends on the side … There are lot of ideas, you only have to make a decision that this hairstyle this season is what you want for yourself.
Short hair is easy to maintain and can be equal feminine combined with large earrings and red lipstick on your lips. Black short hair is the right choice for an employed woman who is constantly in a race with time, who is allways in hurry. You will easily and quickly wash it, dry it more quickly and with little foam or gel you will quickly have great hair.

On the list of my favorite short hairstyle is page. There is diversity in terms of length, with bangs or without it … Evergreen bob hairstyle that is trendy for seasons slowly has been replaced with modern pixie hairstyle that has became choice number one for lady’s around the world. In selecting short hair note face shape, for example, a modern pixie is good for lady’s with square, heart-shaped and oval-shaped face. It’s modern pixie hairstyle with long bangs that you can stylize differently. This hairstyle walked down the Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham.

And finally, my dears, I would remind you that no matter because your hair is short and black, it still still seeking care. Therefore, try to always use shampoo and conditioner for black hair, and once a week pack that will hold fifteen minutes to half an hour. Just so your hair will be shiny and healthy, and black color will last longer. Also, after you do your hair, you can apply oil on the ends for softness and you will get extra shine. Be brave, try something new! You’ll be happier. I guarantee.

My favorite page with sharp edges and thick bangs. A little daring ladies can dye bangs in shades like these metallic blue, or some which they like. Surely everyone will look at you because you’re shining.

This short hairstyle is easy to make with the help of gel and foam that you will apply to the hair. After that, optional ruffle up your hair.

All of us at least once in our life tried a bob hairstyle. Polish your bangs to the side, make them a little bit thicker and longer. With iron for hair and foam you will easily make curls that we can wear almost in any occasion.

I would add a couple of big earring to this lady with great trendy pixie haircut, and if it is evening and she’s preparing for going out in a city red lipstick necessary.

And ladies with curly hair can have a seductive short haircut around without much torture. Suffice it to regularly go to the hairdresser.

Sharp edge and rigorous modern forms are trendy in the entire fashion industry, so and when it talk about hairstyles.

Short black hair to shoulders with curls that you will easily make with the help of straightening irons or curling iron. At the end of a little of paint dryer and you will have a quick haircut.

Brave and courageous woman their short black hair page can supplement with extra clipped parts on whom will elicit different patterns. Hair grows quickly so you’ll need more often to visit a hairdresser so shape and drawing won’t lose.

Stylish hairstyle with strict lines for strong business woman.

If you want your bob haircut looks more modern decide for model straight and sharp lines. Old new bob hairstyle

For a long time casual hairstyles are a total hit. The waves and the occasional curl will make your hair look like full volume hair.

Sexy and seductive hairstyle. Combine it with big earrings and stylish dress, and you’re ready for the red carpet.

All of us is often in a race with time. Steal time for yourself. Cut your hair above your shoulders and you will need twice as less time styling and blow drying. Instead, read a book, see a favorite movie, hang out with friends …

Afro hairstyle is always in fashion. If you decide for it volume will certainly not be a problem for you anymore.

Sometimes it is enough just to switch the dryer on the other side and your hair looks totally different.

Source: cuded.com