Hello girls,

Women across the globe seem to agree that body hair can, at times, look nasty and it just seems a lot better to get rid of it. Whether it is for your self-confidence or you want to do it for your partner, laser hair removal is something that has crossed the minds of all the females at least once in their lifetimes. If you also fancy laser hair removal, stay tuned, because today, we will be talking about things that you should know prior undergoing the treatment.

1. It’s painful but bearable:

While laser hair treatment may not be totally pain-free, but it’s nothing to be afraid of and with a little numbing cream you should not feel much discomfort. Also, it is pretty quick, so by the time you realize it hurts at a point, it will be over.

2. Go to an experienced technician:

You already knew this one, but since different states have a different required experience, you might want to research beforehand and go to someone who has great customer reviews and suits your needs the best.

3. Don’t slather on your skin care products prior appointment:

Most of your skincare products like sunscreens and day creams are prone to react with the laser, so it makes sense to skip them on the day you have an appointment with your technician.

4. Shave a few days before you go:

Since waxing pulls out hair right from their roots, the laser cannot work on them and it makes the whole procedure futile. Whereas, if you have long hair growth, most of the laser energy will be wasted in the wrong areas, therefore, ideally, you should shave the area to be treated a day or two before your treatment.

5. Stop getting tanned a few days before the treatment:

If you already did not know that tanning has risks, you have a new reason to avoid it. Getting tanned chemically or by unnatural means can mess up with your laser hair removal and leave your skin permanently discolored.

6. You may want to avoid certain medicines:

If you have some light-sensitive medicines in your prescription such as Accutane, you may be prone to blisters and other light reactions. To be on a safe side, ask your doctor if any of the medicines in your prescription are light sensitive, and avoid them for a couple of days prior the procedure.

7. Sometimes these treatments could take longer than you expect:

Depending on the areas that you are getting treated, laser hair removal treatments can take anywhere from 15 minutes to up to an hour or two.

8. It is not permanent:

It may be nice to know that laser hair removal is permanent hair REDUCTION and not permanent hair removal. If anyone tells you any different, do not listen to them. Your hair will probably grow back after a few years due to dietary and hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause and it’s all normal.

9. Still, it is better for the long run:

If you think about it in the long run, you will save a ton on waxing or threading, both money and time wise, if you invest in laser hair removal once.

10. It doesn’t give you 100% results:

While the treatment won’t make you 100% free of hair, getting rid of 70% hair is considered to be a good result and even the rest of your hair growth will be sparse and light.

11. Avoid workouts for a couple of days post treatment:

Since your skin is a bit swollen and sensitive post treatment, it makes sense to give your body a break and stay away from breaking a sweat. Instead, use a couple of days to recover from the treatment and relax with a good book.

12. Keep exfoliation at bay for a couple of weeks:

Being a heat injury, your skin is more susceptible to germs, allergies, and irritation post the procedure. Exfoliation can be a bit too rough on your extra sensitive skin and you may want to avoid it if you want to make a speedy recovery.

13. It can cost a bomb:

While not a luxury and affordable, any laser hair removal package that sounds too good to be true may actually be too good to be true. Avoid going to such places and technicians offering such packages and opt for someone who is good in the field and best at what they do.

14. There are a variety of treatments that you could choose from:

While Diode, Alexandrite, and Nd: YAG might be the most popular and famous laser hair removal treatments to choose from, there still are other options that you may want to research before choosing what works the best for you.

15. Aftercare is necessary:

Generally, laser hair removal is considered to be a very safe hair removal procedure, but you still need to follow some aftercare tips to keep any potential allergies and infections at bay. Ideally, you should stay out of the sun for 2 weeks, and use topical creams that your technician might have advised you.

That’s all for today, divas! Hope this helps.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com