Painting and getting your nails is a fantastic feeling: they look as perfect as they can look. But, you sometimes feel that there’s… something still missing from them. Well, I may have the answer as to what’s missing from them: some dazzling decals of course! Here are 16 really cool ones that will certainly add some style to your nails.

1. Under the sea

Perfect for your mermaid costume.

2. Is there any polish at all?

Paint your nails with a skin colored tone like this example, so you can make those little studs stand out a lot more.

3. Queen nails

A bright red color and a filigree decal make this amazing queen-fit look.

4. Black and gold

Black is very commonly worn, and black nails combined with gold 3D art looks incredible.

5. Jewels

A nice theme of colors perfectly complemented by these jewel stickers.

6. Rhinestones

Don’t clutter up your nails with too many shiny details, just use them as an accent.

7. Studs

These gold and heavy metal studs certainly give a different but still good look to your black nails.

8. Very charming

Step up your nail game with these dangling charm decals.

9. Royal nails

Baroque? Louvre? It’s amazing nevertheless.

10. Amazing silver studs on an amazing shade of grey

11. Just a small flower

12. Moons and stars

They go really well with this indigo shade.

13. Glittery and gold

14. Skulls and spikes

For those of you with a… different, rather awesome personality.

15. That bowtie is adorable

16. Pearls and pink

Super girly and totes adorbs!


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