Ahilarious video is coming your way. This creative post-Christmas holidays video from Simply Nailogical is funny as hell, and will help you get through your January budget restraints while still keeping your fingernails looking cool and attractive.


Cristine, the girl behind Simply Nailogical declares herself a holosexual: a person sexually attracted to holographic things (e.g.: nail polishes). As she says herself in the video, she is an advocate of spending on quality products whenever possible. However, most of us will spend these days drinking too much, partying too hard or traveling somewhere, so funds are bound to be seriously depleted.

This is where these 16 brilliant nail hacks come into the picture. With Cristine’s creativity and ideas, you’ll have no trouble keeping up your fingernail-standards without having to spend too much money.

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Source: www.metdaan.com

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