Coffin nails, or as they are sometimes called – ballerina nails – are a cool, new trend. They get their name from their shape: the blunt end resembles the bottom of a coffin or the point of a ballerina shoe. Their popularity might have been augmented by the fact that they have been Kylie Jenner’s favorite lately. They come in various lengths and some eye-popping color combinations, and here are our 16 coffin nail favorites.

1. Bold With Black

Even if you are one for bright nail colors, you might find this shade of midnight black hard to resist. It really does make your nails pop, and the the silver, glittery polish adds extra zing!

2. Wonderful In White

White has a similar effect to black in its ability to make things pop out! This will be another breath of fresh air if you always go for bright colors, and the gold only adds to its poignancy.

3. Marine

This beautiful “under the sea” design has a real mystical feel to it. The cuticle embellishment also gives it a mermaid look!

4. Beautiful In Brown

These ones are on the shorter side when it comes to coffin nails. They would be a good starting point if you have never worn longer nails and are not exactly sure of the length you can handle.

5. On Fire

Fiery and stylish! The black outline helps the red pop out, and the contrast almost gives the nails a three-dimensional feel.

6. Hell-o Yellow

This might be the “born to be wild” style you want when you go clubbing or partying. The neon yellow and black work extremely well together and the splatter effect is so damn funky!

7. Breathtaking Blue

At first glance you only see turquoise, but when you look closer you will see three different shades of blue. It is reminiscent of tropical beaches, so it might be a good choice for your vacation.

8. The Sky Is The Limit

If you prefer the darker blue, this is your shade. If you get it right, you can make your nails resemble the night sky and the glitter looks like the Milky Way.

9. Soft As Spring

Here, the beauty is in the simplicity. The color is similar to flowers in bloom and the arrival of spring.

10. Pretty In Pink

The roses and tiny pearls add a cute little feminine touch, and the white polka dots against the pink only make the combination even more charming.

11. Pretty In Pinker

If you want something more tenacious than the softer pink shades, try this one. This hot pink will definitely catch the eye, and the gold studs make this look stand out even more.

12. Stylin’ Splatter

This style is the perfect blend of class and eccentricity. The combination of color and splatter on alternate nails gives this look the perfect balance.

13. Mint Freshness

This eye-popping combination of black and silver glitter reminds one of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Fresh and delicious!

14. Green With Envy

This amazing emerald look won’t leave anyone indifferent.

15. A Desirable Wine Stain

For more official events, this is a beautiful and classy solution. There is something irresistibly classy about this wine color, or perhaps we just love the beverage a bit too much?

16. Chasing The Rainbow

When you can’t decide on a nail color, why not pick them all? There might not be a pot of gold in your palm, but you will definitely catch attention.


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