You’ve had short to medium length hair all your life and wondering how to make your hair grow longer and faster?

If you nodded a yes, then your search stops here!

I have a few tips to share with you.

There are no shortcuts to grow the length of your hair. It all depends on your general health and well-being, and genes. However, there are external factors like proper diet, certain herbs and vitamins, and hair care that can lead to luscious looking long locks. Here we go spotting ways and means to getting hair the Rapunzel way.

Here Is How You Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster

It needs the right amount of time and techniques for the hair to grow naturally.

Follow the tips mentioned as under and watch your hair grow to your expectations and satisfaction:

1. Eat Healthy Diet

You have to feed your hair with good products, right?

In the same way, you have to feed your body with necessary nutrients and nutrition.

Zinc and Iron: Wilma Bergfeld, a dermatologist working at the Clever Clinic, feels that it is these two chemical elements – zinc and iron which help in making the hair follicles grow faster and naturally.

Wilma also suggests eating lean red meat since it is packed with zinc and iron. Have it twice a week, and well spaced out.

There are non-meat sources too, such as lentils and soybeans.

There is always the backing of vitamin C rich foods such as oranges that increase the absorption of iron by your body, leading to growth of hair locks.

Vitamin D: Apart from zinc and iron, the hair-conscious ladies should not ignore the importance of vitamin D in their diet.

Vitamin D is known to encourage hair growth. Since the number of foods having vitamin D is few, sitting or walking in the sun is a good way for your body to soak up this precious vitamin. The right time to enjoy sunlight is from 6 am to 8 am.

The other option to increase intake of vitamin D is by daily taking a vitamin D supplement of 1,000 IU.

Protein is another beneficial element for hair, bone and nails. The plus point about protein is that it helps in cell growth and repair.

According to studies, women who eat foods rich in protein are likely to have faster hair growth as compared to those who don’t. The recommended daily intake of protein is 46 grams which would be sufficient to boost hair growth.

Now that I have talked about iron, zinc, vitamin D and protein, there are omega-3 fatty acids also to enhance the shiny quotient of hair.

Omega-3 fatty acids:  You can get it by consuming fatty fish such as salmon twice or three times a week. This way, your hair would feel hydrated. If you are not a fish lover, you can make up for the loss of omega 3 acids by taking 1 gram DHA and EPA supplement daily (to be taken on doctor’s advice).

Eggs: You can boost your hair growth by eating an egg. An egg is a great source of vitamin B, and is rich in choline, vitamin D, and protein which are all vital for hair growth.

Did you know, the precious water can help in hair growth too?

Let’s see how.

2. Drink Water

When you drink water, it not only fulfills your thirst pangs, it also helps in flushing out toxins from your body in a quicker way. This in turn helps in making your hair grow faster. If you drink 8 glasses of water regularly, it will keep your body better and aid in quicker hair growth too.

So while this kind of internal “wash” helps a lot, externally washing your hair too much could be a problem. The next point tells you how.

3. Don’t Wash Too Often

Owing to sweat, heat and humidity, most of us feel the need to wash our hair regularly, either daily or after two days. This is a wrong practice. When you do daily shampooing of your hair, you are likely to strip them of natural oils. Plus, it increases the risk of damaged hair.

The ideal way to go about it is by shampooing your hair twice, maximum thrice a week, not every day. This will allow the natural oils in your hair to penetrate and give your hair the ability to hydrate and repair itself.

Also, see to it that dirt build up doesn’t happen in your hair, or else it can lead to dandruff and itching.

While hair wash is important to look into, scalp massage equally helps in increasing hair volume.

Massage your scalp

When you go for a head massage, it boosts the blood circulation in your scalp, boosting hair growth and making hair follicles stronger and healthier.

Once a week, you should deep condition your hair by using hot oil treatment or conditioning hair mask.

How To Massage The Hair Effectively

  • Firstly apply the oil to your hair.
  • Then use your finger tips to massage your scalp in a circular motion.
  • Do it for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • At the end, use cool water to rinse the oil out of your hair.

Moving on to how flipping your hair upside down can increase your hair volume.

Yes, you read that right!!!

4. Flip Your Hair Upside Down

Flipping hair enhances blood circulation in the scalp, thereby boosting hair growth, which is a plus point. You can do it at home in your free time for 2-4 minutes.

That was pretty simple, right? Let us check out now how to control the stress factor so that it does not come in the way of hair growth.

5. Avoid Stress

Stress and depression are two negatives which not only harm the body, they also have an impact on the hair growth. Hair will not only become weak in such a situation, there will be hair loss too.

You can fight out stress through breathing exercises, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. These stress-busters help in calming your mind, relaxing your muscles and nerves, and make you feel peaceful and comfortable.

Sleep: Seven to eight hours deep sleep is sufficient to keep the stress factor at bay. According to various researches, the growth hormones are released during the sleep, resulting in repair of skin and growth of hair, nails etc.

Having debated on stress, let us see the role of herb infusion when it comes to hair growth.

6. Infuse Your Hair With Herbs

There are several herbs like for instance, rosemary, sage, burdock, nettle, horsetail, catnip which help in hair growth. When you use herbs to treat hair, you are on your way to improving blood circulation in them, thereby making your hair grow faster and healthier naturally.

Rosemary, in particular, is good in stimulating hair follicles, and adding lustre and shine to your hair.

Green tea has polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties to boost hair growth.

Here’s How To Make Herb Infusion

Put any of the herbs mentioned above into boiling water and steep them for 20 minutes.

Now strain the solution, and use the herb infusion as a final hair rinse

Follow it up by shampooing and conditioning.

Benefits of herb infusion

  • It makes the hair grow faster and thicker
  • It strengthens the hair stands
  • Keep them soft and manageable.

You can also mix the herb solution or any of the essential oils into your shampoo. And there is always the option of drinking 1-3 cups of herbal tea daily, in order to get better health, healthy skin, and long and beautiful hair.

Moving on to the power of herbal supplements and vitamins in intensifying hair growth.

7. Take Vitamin And Herbal Supplements

At times, the diet we eat every day is not sufficient to give our body the required food intake. We also need vitamins and nutrients to grow lush, long locks. This is where vitamins and herbal supplements come in.

On the vitamins front, there are various vitamins to nourish your hair and make them grow faster.

  • Vitamin C
  • All eight B vitamins – B1, B2, B3 (also called niacin), B5, B6, B7, B9, B12
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin A and
  • Vitamin D

Talking about Biotin, it is a water soluble vitamin which plays an important role in keeping hair healthy. Some of the key food sources of Biotin are mushrooms, avocados, eggs, salmon, peanut butter, and more.

There are other hair growth supplements too, such as:

  • Toji: Pure Density: Hair growth supplement which has 36 natural ingredients that help hair grow.
  • Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets: 100% Drug free which has AminoMar™ and Biotin.

Can hair trimming play any role in hair growth? Find out for yourself.

9. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Even if you have a fascination to grow long tresses, go for hair trimming from time to time. This will help resolve the split ends which can end up breaking your hair. Michael Duenas, a celebrity hair stylist, feels that when you get rid of hair breakage, it gives you a healthy appearance, and makes your hair grow faster.

What about conditioner? Is it a must in hair growth? Read on.

10. Use Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo

Do not miss an opportunity to use a hair conditioner after shampoo, as it helps keep your hair soft and moisturized and builds the volume.

Like mentioned above, do not wash your hair each time you are getting into a shower. Let us see the side effects it can bring.

11. Don’t Shampoo Every Time You Shower

Showering is a good habit given the hectic lifestyle, sweat, dirt and pollution in the air. But do not shampoo your hair on a daily basis, the reason is mentioned in the beginning of the article (point no. 3). The best thing to do is wash your hair two or three times a week, not more.

12. Brush Your Hair Like It’s Spun From Gold (Don’t Brush Too Often)

When you constantly brush your hair, you are causing them more physical harm.

Most of us brush our hair from the scalp down. Little do we realise that in doing so, it brings small tangles into one large knot which can make us lose a lot of hair.

Brushes with boar bristles are a good buy since they distribute the natural oils of your scalp down your hair and are very gentle on strands too.

Your pillowcase also plays a major role in hair growth.


Read on…

13. Ditch Your Cotton Pillowcase

To get better sleep and better hair, switch over to a silk pillowcase. Jesleen Ahluwalia, a working physician at Spring Dermatologist in New York City feels that silk is better for your hair because it helps prevent hair tangling and breakage. This means lesser the hair breakage, stronger will be your hair.

Attention ladies!!!

14. Never, Ever Wrap Your Hair In A Massive Towel Again

That’s because hair breakage is likely to happen because of hair getting caught in the woven fibers of the towel. Since most ladies have a habit of wrapping their hair tight around their head, this can fuel up breaking of hair. Therefore, it makes sense to go in for super-thin and soft microfiber hair towels which are fine to wrap into a turban style.

15. Do A Cold-Water Rinse At The End Of Each Shower

While going for a steam shower might sound exciting, but it can be rough on your hair. So the ideal way to grow hair faster and healthier is by rinsing your hair with cold water, once you are through with your shower. When you are cleansing your hair, turn the temperature down. Cold water helps seal the hair cuticle, thereby making your hair stronger before you style it.

A critical part of hair grooming is knowing about the things to avoid. Let us take a look at them.

16. Things To Avoid

  • Hair Colors

Mocha, burgundy, dark brown and jet black might seem hot and tempting but these hair colors can cause a lot of damage to your hair as they have harsh chemicals. They will strip your hair of things like natural oils, lipids and nutrients, making hair locks weak and break off. If you are losing hair, then move on to dyeing.

  • Hair Treatments

When you use hot styling products, like curling irons or hair dryers, you know what you are doing – weakening them. The heat element stresses your hair strands, and when they start to weak, they may snap.

  • Brushing Wet Hair

Aggressive brushing of wet hair puts a lot of physical stress on the hair fiber. This can lead the cuticle to flake and strip away.

  • Using Hot Water

Hot water can damage the scalp causing dryness. It also strips away oil (sebum) from your scalp, further aggravating hair dryness.

  • Tight Hairstyles And Rubber Bands

Hair loss caused by tight hairstyles is called “traction alopecia”. Traction as you know means “to pull”. In this case, the hair strand is pulled by braids, or hair accessories that cause stress on the hair follicle.

When hair is pulled back into tight hairstyles, there is tension on hair follicles, which can cause hair loss and a receding hair line.

However, despite the love and care you give to your hair, medical problems can come in the way of hair growth.

17. Address Medical Problems

From thyroid problems to diseases of the pituitary gland to ongoing chronic illness, all can contribute to hair loss. So you need to consult a medical practitioner in this field who can guide you to getting normalcy and life in hair.

While we are on this subject, there is no way we can miss out on home remedies which help in hair growth. Let us check them out.

18. Home Remedies To Grow Hair Faster

Here are 24 home remedies which will help you in increasing your hair volume.

1. Onion

Onion adds strength to the hair since it is rich in sulphur which boosts collagen production needed by hair for growth.

How to Use:

  • Peel the outer layers of the onion, then chop the onion into smaller pieces and churn it into blender so that you get the juice.
  • Now massage this juice into your hair, especially on the roots and the scalp.
  • After 30-45 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV helps clear the scalp buildup thereby helps in proper hair growth. It also aids in balancing pH level of the scalp.

How to Use:

  • Add 2 tbsp of ACV in 1 cup warm water.
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly and then rinse your hair with this diluted ACV.
  • Massage your hair gently with this solution so that all nutrients and enzymes get happily absorbed in the scalp.
  • Now rinse the hair thoroughly with water and in this case no need to use a conditioner.

3. Egg White

Eggs have fatty acids that nourish your hair and treat scalp dryness. It also has lecithin which holds back the moisture of the scalp.

How to Use:

  • Break an egg and put the egg white and yolk into a bowl.
  • Add 1 tbsp olive oil. Mix all this with a fork.
  • Now wash your hair and apply this egg conditioner to your hair part by part for best results.

4. Fenugreek Seeds, Lime And Honey

Fenugreek is not only rich in proteins, it also has lecithin which strengthens and moisturises the hair. And then there is honey which rejuvenates damaged and brittle hair. Lime fights dandruff and gives smooth and shiny hair.

How to Use:

  • Make a paste of 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds, along with 1 tsp each of honey and lime.
  • Apply this concoction over your hair and scalp,
  • After half an hour wash it off.
  • Do this thrice a week to get good results.

5. Raw Potato

The juice of a potato is helpful in making hair long and strong. Besides, potatoes are rich in ingredients which make it an amazing remedy for hair growth.

How to Use:

  • Peel the outer layers of the potato, then chop the potato into smaller pieces and churn it into blender so that you get the juice.
  • Now massage this juice into your hair, especially on the roots and the scalp.
  • After 30-45 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

6. Raw Coconut Milk

Welcome this natural product for hair growth which is rich in proteins, potassium, iron and minerals needed for hair nourishment. Raw Coconut Milk pushes hair growth, and reduces hair thinning.

How to Use:

  • Take a cup of raw coconut milk and use it as a hair conditioner.
  • Keep the coconut milk on your hair for a few minutes
  • Wash it off with cold water.

7. Green Tea And Honey

Green Tea is one of the best tricks for faster hair growth. It has plenty of antioxidants, while honey pampers the hair in boosting hair growth.

How to Use:

  • Mix 1 tbsp honey with used green tea leaves.
  • Now apply this pack on your hair and leave it on the scalp for 10 minutes.
  • Wash it off with cold water.
  • You can use rose water for rinsing.

8. Amla

Amla has a long and praiseworthy connection with boosting hair growth and increasing volume. Not only does amla strengthen the hair follicles, it prevents greying of hair too.

How to Use:

  • Apply and massage amla paste into your hair so that the hair scalp can absorb all the vitamins of amla.
  • After half an hour, wash hair with lukewarm water and pat it dry.

9. Hibiscus Flowers

A handful of hibiscus flowers are all you need for long, strong and thick hair. Moreover, the flowers of hibiscus will help in saying goodbye to dandruff.

How to Use:

  • Make a paste of 2-5 hibiscus flowers using coconut or sesame oil
  • Apply it on your scalp.
  • After half an hour, wash off the paste under cold water.

10. Garlic Pods

Garlic is known to promote hair regeneration by and boosting blood circulation in the scalp.

How to Use:

  • Crush a couple of garlic pods and boil them in a pan containing either olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Apply it to your scalp and hair roots as a creamy formula.
  • Do it every day for 5 minutes. But sensitive scalps need to stay away from it.

11. Henna Pack

Henna is a natural hair conditioner which rejuvenates dull and dry hair and strengthens the hair. On top of it, it colors the hair too.

How to Use:

  • To a cup of dry henna powder, add some yogurt, about half a cup.
  • Apply it from the hair roots to the tips.
  • Once it dries off, wash it off lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

12. Cayenne Pepper

This kitchen remedy minimises the problem of hair thinning. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps in restoring the hair. It also activates the nerves of the scalp helping in sufficient absorption of nutrients.

How to Use:

  • Add 2 tsp olive oil to 1 tsp pepper powder.
  • Now apply this preparation on the scalp on areas where you are seeing a receding hair line.
  • Let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash off your hair.

13. Coconut Oil

The goodness of coconut oil whether in beauty or kitchen is laudable. It is not only a natural conditioner for skin and hair, it keeps the scalp healthy, reduces dandruff and hair loss.

How to Use:

  • Massage the coconut oil over your scalp and hair during the night.
  • Wash it off the next morning and see how your hair locks look gorgeous and healthy.

Incidentally, coconut oil reduces the chances of greying of hair.

14. Cumin Seeds

Expect shiny, healthy and growing hair when you use cumin seeds recipe.

How to Use:

  • Soak cumin seeds overnight in castor oil. You can also use olive oil for that matter.
  • Next morning, apply this mixture on the receding hairline.
  • Keep it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

15. Peppercorns

Ah…peppercorns leave your hair shiny, soft, and voluminous, meeting your expectations to the hilt.

How to Use:

  • Crush a few peppercorns and mix it with lime juice to make a fine paste.
  • Apply this paste on hair roots.
  • Put a moist towel on your hair and then wash your hair after half an hour.

16. Vitamin E Oil

The oil of Vitamin E is the best beauty and health blessing one can ever ask for. It is rich in antioxidants which promotes blood circulation, reduces hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and increases the hair shine.

How to Use:

  • Apply vitamin E on the scalp during the night.
  • Next morning, wash off your hair with a mild shampoo.

17. Rosemary Oil

When rosemary herbs are distilled, they lead to rosemary oil which improves blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels. That is why, rosemary oil is a great remedy for hair growth.

How to Use:

  • Mix 1 tsp rosemary oil with 2 tsp olive or coconut oil.
  • Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, wash off your hair.

18. Argan Oil

Any idea why argan oil is called ‘liquid pure gold’? It minimises hair thinning, moisturises hair, and helps the scalp in more oil secretion which keeps the hair healthy looking and lustrous.

How to Use:

  • Take some argan oil drops in your palm and rub it in your scalp till the roots at night.
  • Wash it off next morning.

19. Sage Oil

This essential oil fights hair loss and delivers better results when combined with apple cider vinegar or other essential oils.

How to Use:

  • Mix 1 tsp sage oil with 2 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Apply it on your scalp and leave it overnight.
  • Wash off the oil next morning using a gentle shampoo.

20. Lavender Oil

This oil is not just for beauty purpose, it is pretty helpful in curing alopecia and hair loss. When you massage lavender oil in our scalp, you can expect total relief from stress and insomnia.

How to Use:

  • Mix 1 tsp each of lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil and jojoba oil.
  • Apply it on the scalp and cover your hair with a shower cap.
  • After an hour goes by, rinse your hair thoroughly.

21. Jojoba Oil

This oil stimulates hair regrowth by cleansing the pores and allowing the new hair follicles to regenerate. As a result, hair becomes less brittle and dry.

How to Use:

  • In a bowl, mix jojoba oil with olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Apply it on your hair and scalp.
  • Let it stay overnight and wash your hair next morning.
  • Repeat this twice a week to get best results.

Also called linseed oil, the flaxseed oil turns dry, damaged hair to healthy hair, owing to the omega 3 fatty acids in it.

How to Use:

  • Combine flaxseed oil with olive oil and do a head and scalp massage with it.
  • Wash it off the next morning after this overnight treatment.

22. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a known remedy in making the skin and hair healthy and shining. It also formulates new hair follicles and is rich in antioxidants.

How to Use:

  • Either, you can include olive oil in your diet or massage it on your scalp before washing it.
  • The best way is to combine it with lavender, sage and rosemary essential oils, and boil them so that your scalp gets a nice and hot head massage.

23. Castor Oil

Castor oil speeds up hair growth by making the hair strong, shiny, lustrous. It also reduces the bald patches.

How to Use:

  • Warm a cup of castrol oil.
  • Massage it evenly on the scalp.
  • Wrap a warm and moist towel over the hair and let it stay for 20 minutes.
  • Add few drops of lime juice in order to reduce the stickiness of the oil.
  • Now wash of the hair with a gentle shampoo.

Beauty blogger Jennifer Chiu shares this nice video with us on hair growth.

I hope you are more learned than you ever were on the issue of making your hair grow faster. If you have any more tips to share, do write in.


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