Ponytails are life savers, especially on a lazy Monday morning. All you need to do is grab your hair and do that messy ponytail, and off you go. Sometimes, however, even the simplest ponytail can make your life complicated. Have you struggled finding a bobby pin to tame your hair or you wanted to make your ponytail longer, but you couldn’t? Ponytails can do a lot more than just settling your hair for the gym. The following ponytail hacks can transform your hair into a hairstyle for many occasions, and any hair type can manage them!

1. Cute ponytail bow

This is a great way to include something in your boring everyday ponytail routine. Here is how to do it.

2. Simple and sophisticated

This style is great for work, school, or special events. It will give your ponytail a lot more volume and a more natural look.

3. Sleek fishtail pony

It works best for long and medium length, Try it out if it looks cute to you! Here are the instructions in pictures:

4. Short pouffe

This hairstyle works best if you have a bob or lob. Just put your hair up a bit and add some bobby pins. Then, make a small ponytail, and you’re finished!

5. Thick and wavy pony

This is a perfect way to tame thick, wavy hair.

6. Bouncy retro pony

A fun throwback style you can use for a night out.

7. Triple stacked pony

If you have a medium length, this is a great way to boost volume.

8. Textured side braid pony

Short and medium hair will look great in this simple, yet elegant hairstyle.

9. Braided mohawk pony

This is a great way to bring out the highlights, or the two tones of your hair.

10. Low twist over

We haven’t forgotten about curly hair. This is an elegant way to style it.

11. Knotted side pony

This is so fun and super easy.

12. Loose braided half-pony

This is a fun laid back style that looks very elegant.

13. Sleek and twisted

The simplest elegant ponytail.

14. Half-up half-down

You will fall in love with this simple retro style. SO easy to make!

15. Bouffant pony

Spice up your look with a Bridgett Bardot-inspired teased crown and low pony.

16. Deep n’ low pony

A deep side part will add sophistication to a low, short ponytail.

17. Glam high pony

Get inspiration from Ariana Grande! Secure your hair with two thick elastics for extra lift and wrap a piece of hair around them. Spritz with some hairspray to keep flyways at bay.

18. Simple work and play pony

An easy style to transition from the office to a night out.

19. Romantic sparkle pony

Get soft, textured hair around your crown with texturing spray and some teasing. Then, add some sparkly hair accessory and you’ll get the perfect party look!

Source: metdaan.com