Body art is slowly taking over all the areas on human body. Tattoos, which are a hot commodity these days are now seen in almost all areas, even on the weird places you’d never thought of just like tongue tattoo.

Ever came across this term? If yes, then you know quite a lot about body art. For common people like us, it may seem insane but for people who go for such kind of tattoos, it’s a passion, an addiction or whatever you can tag them with.

Whatsoever, it’s now evident that body art has now extremely become popular with masses irrespective of age and class. Getting inked  dates back to time immemorial. Although Indians also crave for body art, but they usually don’t have that mindset like western countries to get inked at weird places just like tongue, armpit or above the upper lip.

Although tongue tattoo has not become that popular, it’s anyway gradually becoming faddish mostly with the hipsters and youngsters.

We’ve already learned about permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo in our previous edition. Similarly tongue tattoo is now the latest trend in the world of body art.

There are numerous designs available for this kind of body tattoo. Either you can go for the entire tongue design or just a part of it. Even numerous colors are available including purple, black, orange, red etc.

Popular designs include stars, tribal art, medieval paintings, or any small design for the tip. With tongue tattoo slowly becoming popular, more and more number of designs are also showing up in the market. Just Google around to find hundreds of designs which are already available in the market.

As far as the procedure goes, it’s quite similar to getting inked at any other part of your body. You’re anyway going to be punctured with the needle so as to dispose the ink into the epidermis of your skin. Just like the skin, tongue will also quickly absorb the ink, thereby leaving behind a permanent design on your tongue.

Unlike regular body tattoos, you’ll more get tickling sensation or your mouth may get numbed rather than pain. Your tattoo artist will use a tool to hold out your tongue to make it remain still while puncturing it, just as it’s the case with tongue piercing.

Do not just fall for any tattoo parlor. Instead, always make sure of they are already experienced with tongue tattoos.

Rolling Stones Tongue Tattoo Design

The design that gained popularity and aced the competition of tongue tattoos is the one designed by the music band Rolling Stones as their logo.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Tattoo

For quite sometime now, the songstress Miley Cyrus named has been associated closely with tongue tattoo but it’s her lower lip tattoo that caught everyone’s eye.

Tongue Tattoo Facts And Concerns

Totally bizarre is the idea of a tongue tattoo, don’t you agree? Yet it seems very challenging and fun! Body art as in itself poses a million concerns, and getting it done on a sense oriented organ will be even more critical in the eyes of the audience.

To begin with, if you are looking around to find a decent job, then you wouldn’t want to take ruin your chance by going ahead with the tongue tattoos.
The tongue tattoos usually mess with certain taste buds which is not very welcome, but the ink doesn’t last long due to the acids secreted by the mouth.

One notable fact is the healing time of the tongue tattoos. Usually the tattoos on any body part take about 7-8 weeks but tongue has an exceptionally good healing phenomena. It takes only 3 weeks to heal and is usually numb and tingly during this process.

Temporary Tongue Tattoo

Most of us like to see a sample before plunging right into the idea, don’t we? If you think on the same lines like us, we have a sweet suggestion to give this idea a serious thought.
The Factory of Fun, a party equipment service has developed Tung Toos, temporary tongue tattoos for kids. This would be a great place to start experimenting this new concept. The fake tongue tattoos will open up new ideas and windows to explore this fun further.

How Long Does It Last?

If you are enthusiastic about tongue tattooing, you must also be wondering on how long does a tongue tattoo last, right? Then, let us clear the air for you a bit. The tongue tattoos, depending on the procedure involved and the pigments in use, may not last very long. That’s a sigh of relief for the beginners, isn’t it?

It is observed that some tattoos have lasted only for few weeks while some have lasted more than a couple of years. You are at free will to pick either a pass away tattoo or a long lasting one.
Now that you have a clear understanding of how to get a tongue tattoo, the design options, the flexibility and the facts, it’s time to explore this terrain of body art!!