Manicures are something where we could all admittedly use a helping hand. Some of us aren’t masters of the manicure, and that’s no big deal because there are tons of diagrams, hacks and tutorials on the internet that will help you become a seasoned pro at making the best manicures you can. But you don’t have to worry about scouring through the deep ends of the internet to find them because we have some for you here.

Here are some diagrams and life hacks for perfecting your manicure skills

1. Invest in the proper tools first

2. Decide on the shape of your nails

3. Remove any polish you may have using rubbing alcohol, vinegar or lemon juice

4. If you want, you can create this easy nail polish remover using a sponge and one of those remover options

5. If you have stubborn gel polish, soak some gauze in acetone then wrap aluminum foil around your nails

6. Apply vaseline around the edge of your nails so you can easily clean them up later


7. Here’s how to apply polish properly

8. The basic manicure.

9. It’s quite important to take good care of your nails


10. A sponge is perfect for an ombre manicure

11. You can use corn starch for a matte finish

12. You can use tape to create geometric patterns

13. Thinner tape is good for more intricate patterns

14. Tape can also help you achieve a great traditional French mani

15. If all else fails, you can use reinforcement stickers to guide you

16. You can mix different amounts of white polish and your favorite shade for a cool fade effect

17. A fan brush is good at making layered stripes

18. Sharpies are good for lettering or smaller designs. As long as they’re black, anyway

19. If you want some more color, you can use a gold sharpie on black or white polish

20. If you lack some drawing skills, you can use a metallic leaf for designs

21. If you want polka dots, bobby pins are perfect

Bobby pins make perfect polka dots.

22. Use this DIY cuticle oil to keep your cuticles healthy


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