The word “bun” is usually something we associate with bread. It’s that type of bread that’s specifically designed to hold a burger patty or a hot dog.

I know, I know, your mouth is beginning to water at this stage. Don’t worry, we’ll stop.

Since you probably had quite a few things to eat for the holidays, we thought it’d be a better idea to mention the other meaning of the word “bun”.

That other meaning being the bun hairstyle.

The bun is, in my opinion, the cutest hairstyle out of all of them. It’s simple, easy to do, and looks good on 99% of people.

Multiple kinds of bun exist, too. One of the best ones for those times when you don’t have to spend too much time getting ready is a messy bun.

It’s still a bun, but it has a few strands of hair, or “antennae” flying around here and there, which contributes to its name.

Our favorite stylist Elaina from Luxy Hair has compiled a list of 3 messy buns for you to try at home. Check out the video below:


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