The girls who have made the bold step into the unknown and gone for short hair will be well aware that hard work doesn’t stop after this brave decision. Although being short haired indeed means spending less time on hair care, there is still a degree of upkeep needed even with the shortest of hairstyles. Bear in mind that even if you go for a military cut it won’t last forever, and the care needed will increase exponentially as your strands start growing out.

This is not, however, to dissuade you from making a change. Being short haired is funky and sexy, and even with the maintenance involved still way easier than any version of long hair. It is, however, a different game and thus what you need is a different gameplan.

To start you on that journey, we will rely on the knowledge and experience of a girl who has recently cut her hair and looks amazing. Cherry Jain from POPxo Beauty has three options you will always be able to rely on if you go for shorter hair. As she herself says, “I know a lot of guys think they cannot do a lot with short hair, but that’s not the case.”

For a different set of short-haired options, also check out this tutorial with ten different hairstyles which will give you more options.