Are you the kind of person that overuses the snooze button on your phone and ends up being late? It is not a judgemental question, because most of us are. There is no sweeter sleep than those five or ten minutes we steal every morning on a daily basis, is there? Well, the problem is those few joyous minutes spent in dreamland usually comprise the exact time we’re missing to complete our hairstyle or iron a shirt for the day ahead.

Do not despair, though. Luxy Hair is a Youtube channel that just loves hair in any incarnation. It is not by chance that almost 3 million users have subscribed to their updates, as they offer tons of advice on everything hair-related on a weekly basis.

Today we bring you a video by Elanna, who will take you through three easy-peasy ways of taking care of your hair in the mornings (or evenings) when you just don’t have that extra time for full preparation.

Check it out and enjoy those extra minutes of sleep without feeling guilty.


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