Menstrual Cycle can be rightly put as the cycle of life, that very woman is blessed with. But for many women the blessing becomes a curse as they suffer highly irregular periods with unbearable amount of pain.


The reasons for irregular pain can be many:

  1. Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia has often been a reason for irregular periods.
  1. Sudden weight gain or excessive weight loss also causes irregularity in menstrual cycle. Extreme thinness or obesity not only results in inconsistent flow, but often lead to disappearance of cycles for prolonged periods too.
  1. Stress and emotional health too has a long bearing on the arrival of periods.
  1. The cycle gets affected in case you suffer from any hormonal condition.
  1. Frequency or intensity of menstruations are also controlled by intake of birth-control pills or any other drug that effects your hormones.

Signs And Symptoms

Irregular periods have the following signs and symptoms:

  • You know your cycles pay you irregular visits if they are less than 21 days and more than 35 days apart.
  • Missing three or more cycles are not an alarm for pregnancy, if you are sexually inactive, or are on safe birth control, they can be signs of irregular bleeding too.
  • It’s healthy for you to have 3 to 4 days long periods, if your periods last for about a week, it’s time to consult a doctor.
  • It’s normal to experience stomachache during those days, however, if these crams are excruciating and leading to vomiting or nausea, reasons can be the irregularity of the cycle.
  • Spotting or bleeding after sex, or post menopause, and at time between two period cycles is another sign that calls for immediate medical attention.

1. Ginger

What all you need– Ginger, sugar or honey, drinking water

Directions– Boil ½ teaspoon of ground ginger in half a cup drinking water, add sugar or honey, and drink when lukewarm.

How it works– Ginger helps in regulating monthly cycles and promotes consistent flow. It also relives you off the stomach cramps.

Tip– You may drink this solution thrice daily for a month for great results.

2. Fennel

What all you need – Fennel seeds and drinking water

Directions – Soak two tablespoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water overnight. Strain and drink empty stomach.

How it works – Emmenagogue fennel helps promote the flow and regulates the cycle. Also, its antispasmodic properties eases out the cramps.

Tips – Imbibe the fennel seed-water daily for a month to observe changes.

3. Unripe Papaya

What all you need – Freshly chopped raw papaya – 1 bowl, salt,

Directions – You may either sprinkle some salt over a bowl full of raw papayas and munch as a snack, or blend some cubed papayas with water in a mixer and make a juice out of it with added salt and ice cube and relish.

How it works: If the irregularity you are facing is due to stress or nearing menupause, raw papaya will fix it. It helps in contracting uterus muscle fibers and induces periods.

Tip: You must avoid this during your periods though.

4. Turmeric

What all you need – Turmeric powder- half a teaspoon or paste of freshly ground turmeric, warm milk

Directions – Mix turmeric powder, or ground turmeric (I prefer the later) with a glass full of lukewarm milk and gulp it down every night before sleep.

How it works – The spice has warming properties that mend hormonal imbalances and regulates menstruation. Its antispasmodic properties and anti-inflammatory aspects soothe down cramps too.

Tip – It can be taken for as long as you want, it has almost no side effects.

5. Cinnamon

What all you need – Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, milk

Direction – Mix half teaspoon of the cinnamon powder to a glass of warm milk and sip.

How it works – Even cinnamon has warming properties that relieves stomach cramps; and the hydroxychalcone element regulates the insulin level.

Tip– If you are getting bored of milk, drink cinnamon tea or sprinkle your morning toast with some cinnamon powder.

6. Bitter Gourd

What all you need – Bitter Gourd, lemon, salt to taste

Direction – Blend pieces of bitter gourd in a mixer or juicer. Add half a lemon juice to this juice and spinkle some salt to taste. Gulp it down your throat – yes, you can do it.

How it works – Bitter gourd is very effective in treating irregular periods and protecting the body from diabetes.

Tip– Drink this juice twice every day for a couple of weeks at stretch.

7. Sesame Seeds And Jaggery

What all you need – Handful of sesame seeds, jaggary to taste

Directions– Roast the sesame seeds, and form a fine powder by grinding them with jiggery. Consume a teaspoon powder every morning on an empty stomach for at least a month.

How it works – Together Sesame and Jaggery works miraculously to cure irregular periods.

Tips– This concentration should not be consumed during periods.

8. Coriander Seeds

Directions– Boil coriander seeds till the 2 cups of water turn to half. Strain and drink this water when cools down.

How it works – Coriander seeds tops the list of home remedies for irregular periods as the emmenagogue stimulates and promotes menstrual flow.

Tips – Drink the coriander seed water every day for a month or two, following results, you may bring the consumption to twice or thrice a week for as long as you may want to.

9. Carrot Juice

What all you need– A bag full of carrots, or as much as you want.

Directions– Wash and chop fresh carrots and run them in a blender to make a smoothie out of it.

How it works– The vegetable is a healthy source of iron that regulates the proper functioning of hormones, thereby normalizing the irregular menstruation.

Tips-Drink this yummy smoothie regularly for your overall health.

10. Grapes

What all you need– A bowl full of juicy black grapes

Directions– Pluck them out, wash them, make juice out of it of hit them in on your mouth whenever you want to.

How it works– Grapes are rich in iron; if your menstrual cycles are irregular due to anemia, grapes will fix it.

Tips– Now don’t hog on grapes too much, they might give you loose motions.

11. Buttermilk And Radish Seeds

What all you need– 1 glass buttermilk, and 2 spoons heaps of radish seeds

Directions– Grind the two ingredient together and stir it properly. Pour it down your throat.

How it works– Buttermilk helps in cooling down human body, while radish seeds treat irregular periods.

Tips– Best way to enjoy this drink is to have it with your meals.

12. Sugarcane Juice

What all you need– Fresh sugar cane cubes, lemon juice, salt

Directions– You may prepare sugar juice by blending sugarcanes with water in a mixer and straining out the water, add a little lemon juice and salt to taste. Imbibe.

How it works– Sugarcane juice normalizes hormones and soothes down stomachache during periods.

Tips– Avoid if you are diabetic, or consult your doctor before consumption.

13. Aloe Vera

What all you need– A blade of fresh Aloe Vera leaf, a teaspoon of honey

Directions– Scrape off the inner gel of the leaf and beat it finely with honey. Gulp it down before having breakfast. Drink water to get rid of the bitterness.

How it works– The gel has unreal healing properties that would cure internal issues of your body leading to period troubles.

Tips– Must be avoided during periods.

14. Cumin And Sesame Seeds

What all you need– 250 grams of cumin seeds, 250 grams of sesame seeds, honey

Directions– Mix them together and grid them thoroughly to form a fine powder, store it in a clean container in a cool dry place. Consume 1 teaspoon of this powder with a teaspoon of honey every morning, till you see improvement in your cycle.

How it works-These spices are tremendously effective in treating oligomenorrhea.

Tips– You may continue to use them regularly, but then reduce the quantity.

15. Banyan Tree Roots

What all you need– Shreds of banyan root found in any herbal shop, cow’s milk, water

Directions– boil the roots shreds in water for 10 minutes, add water and drink when cooled down.

How it works– Herbal properties of banyan tree roots encourage proper functioning of your uterus.

Tips– Have it in small proportion for longer duration before you hit the sack.

16. Mint

What all you need– Mint leaves, honey

Directions– Beat mint leaves in a mortar and add honey to the semi-paste. One teaspoon of this concoction is enough for one dose.

How it works– It helps regulate body temperature, leading to proper period flow.

Tips– Take thrice very week in the morning.

17. Figs

What all you need– 5 – 6 figs, water

Directions– Boil the figs in a glass of water and drink when cool

How it works– Figs help regularize cycle

Tips– Safe to be consumed everyday

18. Saffron

What all you need– Dried Saffron petals, milk

Directions– Drink milk soaked with dried saffron petals every night.

How it works-Saffron makes periods regular and cuts down the pain.

Tips– Drink before going to bed.

19. Apple Cider Vinegar

What all you need– Apple Cider Vinegar from the store

Directions– Intake 2 tablespoons of the solution with water everyday

How it works– Reduces insulin levels and regulates menstruation

Tips– Consume before meal

20. Vitamin C

What all you need– Any citrus fruit or Vitamin pills from the drug store

Directions– Include fresh fruits like orange, limetta or lime in your daily diet or follow up your meals with a vitamin pill

How it works– Vitamin C helps draining out impurities from blood

Tips– Don’t consume citrus fruits at night time.

21. Asafoetida

What all you need– Powdered asafetida, Butter

Directions– Fry powdered asafetida in clarified butter and eat with chappati or bread.

How it works– The chemical compound of asafetida treats hormonal imbalances.

Tips– Don’t consume more than 500 mg of asafetida a day.

22. Chaste Tree

What all you need– Dried chaste tree herbs

Directions– Consume 30 to 40 mg with water like tablets.

How it works– Regulates the functioning of pituitary gland and balances hormonal discharge

Tips– Don’t take if trying to conceive.

23. Bark Of Saraca Asoca

What all you need– Bark extract of Saraca Asoca, milk

Directions– Boil the bark in milk, strain it, drink when cool.

How it works– Herbal properties of the tree normalized organ functioning.

Tips– Drink this thrice on the 3rd or 4th day of your periods.

24. Bamboo

What all you need– Fresh Bamboo leaves

Directions– Boil the Bamboo leaves, strain and drink the water.

How it works– Its therapeutic properties help in regularizing menstruation flow.

Tips– Consume thrice a week.

25. Calendula

What all you need– Dried Calendula flower

Directions– Boil 2 grams of the dried water in 200 grams of water and consume.

How it works– Analgesic properties of Calendula relieve premenstrual pain.

Tips– Drink twice a day for best results.

26. Blue Cohosh

What all you need– Dried Blue Cohosh

Directions– Soak in water overnight and drink in the morning.

How it works– Blue cohosh works as an emmenagogue and fuels menstrual flow.

Tips– Consult a physician for accurate dose.

27. Motherwort

What all you need– Motherwort leaves

Directions– Boil these leaves in water and drink the strained water.

How it works– Motherwort is known to treat inconsistent periods.

Tips– Better to consume in empty stomach.

28. Yarrow

What all you need– Dried Yarrow

Directions– Boil these flowers in water and drink the herbal decoction.

How it works– The flower treat menses problem by balancing hormonal secretion.

Tips– Replace your tea/coffee with this drink

29. Black Cohosh

What all you need– You may get Black Cohosh pill at any drug store

Directions– Consume after meal, once a day.

How it works– The phytoestrogens present in Black Cohosh normalizes hormonal functions

Tips– Consult a doctor before use, if you are nearing menopause.

30. Shepherd’s Purse

What all you need– Dried Shepherd’s Purse

Directions– Soak them in water overnight and drink the decoction early morning

How it works– Regulates periods by tightening uterine muscles.

Tips– You may find it in oil forms in pharmacies too.

31. Lady’s Mantle

What all you need– Dried Lady’s Mantle available in herbal shops

Directions– Soak them in water overnight and drink the decoction next working in an empty stomach.

How it works– The tannins in the herb prevents menstruation irregularities

Tips– You may add it in your tea also

32. Holy Basil Leaf

What all you need– 5 fresh basil leaves

Directions– Crush them in a mortal and eat empty stomach

How it works– Known to treat menstrual irregularities

Tips– May add honey to taste

33. Indian Lilac

What all you need– Indian Lilac Bark

Directions– Soak Indian Lilac bark in a glass of water for 30 minutes, either drink it plain or use it for tea.

How it works– It purifies blood and eases out hormonal imbalance.

Tips– Follow this remedy till you see improvement.

34. Hibiscus Flower

What all you need– 5 – 6 fresh hibiscus flowers

Directions– Crush them in a mortal and have it with water before breakfast.

How it works– It regulates estrogen and progesterone level thereby regulating periods.

Tips– Start seven days before you are expecting the flow

35. Lemons

What all you need– Half a lemon, water, honey

Directions– Add lemon juice and honey to half liter lukewarm water and imbibe

How it works– It cleanses the body and helps in proper functioning

Tips– Best when taken before breakfast

Prevention, Tips And After Care

  • Check On Your Diet – Make sure you are eating a diet rich in iron, deficient of which can cause lesser or no menstrual flow. Don’t go on a crash diet without consulting a physician.
  • Use Hot Water Bag – Hold a hot water bag by your tummy, it will dissolve the clots and relieve you.
  • Avoid Cold Beverage – Aerated drinks and the ones that contain caffeine must be avoided as they hamper proper functioning of our body.
  • Practice Yoga And Meditation – Adho Mukha Svanasan, Ustrasana, Dhanurasana, Malasana, and Matsyasana are best Yoga positions to make your periods regular and meditation will take your body to a place of peace.
  • Stay Away From Stress – Stress and tension lead to emotional imbalance, and your cycle is pushed further.
  • Exercise – We know you don’t have time, but regular work out will help in proper functioning of the entire body.

Keep your body healthy and internally clean, take in more of greens and avoid junk food, your periods will become regular and pain will be lessened.


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