You might not know makeup artist Vincent Oquendo–yet–but you have definitely seen his work. Ashley Graham’s smoky eyes, Bella Hadid’s flawless skin, and Olivia Culpo’s lit-from-within glow are all courtesy of @makeupvincent. He’s the makeup guru who It girls keep on speed dial for the beauty moments that matter most. Bella’s birthday-night beauty look? That was Vincent. “Part of my brand is healthy, glowy, shining skin. Shiny, healthy, polished,” he explains. Here, Vincent breaks down the secrets to photogenic  skin, natural brows, fuller lips, and more.

1. Warm up your skin

I love a warm complexion. My girls never pay attention when I do their makeup, but I always go warmer with their foundation. And then the times that they’ve seen me do it when they pay attention in the mirror, they’re like, ‘Vincent, that’s too dark! What are you doing?’ Because women are always paler on their face than they are on their bodies, so when you’re doing them for a red carpet you need to go a little warmer.

2. Apply foundation with a blush brush (or Beautyblender)

I really hate when a makeup looks cakey, so this is the anti-cake. It just gives you that beautiful veil and it feels really nice on the skin. I also love the Beautyblender. One thing to remember with the Beautyblender, if you don’t wet it, then it absorbs a lot of your product because it’s a dry sponge. Example: If you’re washing your dishes at home and the sponge is all dry, and then you put dish detergent on the dry sponge, you can’t wash dishes like that because it absorbs.

3. Contour your forehead

If you’re getting photographed, even with sheer foundation, when the flash hits it, it’ll flatten out your forehead and you’ll look like you’re wearing too much makeup. So if you warm around the hairline it gives you the depth, because not everybody is all one color. The beauty of a face is the different tones; that’s what makes a face so interesting—all that depth, all those freckles, all those high points, all those low points.

4. Resist the urge to overfill brows

One trend that I’d like to see go away is super overdone brows. I love to fill in sparse brows with powder. If you have serious holes, I like the Brow Wiz by Anastasia. Use that and just go in and define the brows. I like brows to stay up and look really feathered.

5. Travel-proof your mascara

I’m so obsessed with Marc Jacobs Ultra-Skinny Mascara. There’s no clumps, it’s just heaven. I put this on Ashley [Graham] before and she’s gone on a plane to L.A., and she said her makeup didn’t move from this.


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