Your dress is showing off your curves for days, and your makeup is selfie-ready. When your ~fancy~ game is on, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair giving up before the after-party even begins. Try these professionally tested tricks to keep your look in place, so you can keep doing the whip and nae nae without missing a beat.

Pick a party-proof ‘do. Not all updos are created equally — certain styles lend themselves to going all night. “Anything that is tight and sleek will stay in place better,” says celeb hairstylist Cameron Raines, who’s readied stars like Kate Hudson and Emmy Rossum for the red carpet. A simple, braided bun is a smart choice since it’s taut and tidy. The other direction to go is the opposite end of the spectrum with what Raines calls a “more organic look.” Think loose waves and textured ponytails. By design, they’re supposed to be messy and deconstructed, so no one can tell if strands have fallen out.

Spray your bobby pins. Bobby pins are the magical unicorns that keep your hair in place; this you already know. But misting them with hair spray can actually help them get a more secure grip on your hair. Grab a strong but touchable hold hairspray, and give your pins a spritz before slipping them into your hair. Now, just try shaking out your hair and see if the pins budge.

Know how to use your tools. For another major hat bobby pin trick, rather than just sliding the pins into your hair, try crisscrossing two pins to form an “X.” They’ll actually hold their position — and your hairstyle — longer because the little ridges are clasping onto each other as opposed to just your hair, says Raines.

Add texture. Good texture means more hold, which is why hairstylists always request to work with hair that hasn’t been freshly shampooed since it’s so slippery. If you’ve got squeaky-clean strands, you can easily add some grip with a texturizing product (salt spray also works wonders) to make your hair more pliable and easier to work with.

Set your style. If you don’t do anything else, try a flexible-hold hair spray to finish the look and help lock it in place, says Raines.Hairspray helps set your hair with a touchable texture and zero crunchy strands in sight. Remember to shake the can first, and spray about half an arm’s length away from your head so the mist is more evenly distributed.

Now go out and dance, dance, dance, dance!