The lipstick has been a part of every woman’s’ essential makeup items for ages now. Lipsticks amongst all other cosmetics stand out as the forerunner when considering our precious lips. It is that essential stick of color in your bag that completes your routine makeup regime. To most men, all lipsticks are the same and the shades of every lipstick seem like edging around the same basic colors. Talking about us women, we know, there is different shade for every look. A dab of a particular shade of lipstick can either make or sabotage your entire look. Choosing the correct shade with your outfit is an absolute must. The wrong lipstick shade can be very unforgiving in terms of fashion and style. Seems like you might lose the plot? Not to worry! We are here for you.


There may be lots of shades in the market today, starting from the basics pinks to more edgy shades like purple and orange, but we advise that you do not choose the shade of the lipstick depending just on a simple shade test on your hand.

Considering the recent purple lipstick trend and growing number of red carpet appearances of celebrities with purple lipstick, many women are willing to trying the shade out, but step back not knowing how to use such a strong shade as because purple lipstick is super sexy, super edgy, super chic and also unfortunately, super difficult to incorporate in most looks. Generally, women tend to get the pinks and reds right, but get a little lost while using the more edgy shades like purple. So, we decided to help you out on how to wear purple lipstick.

Here Are Some Top Tips For Wearing Purple Lipstick:

1. Work It With Your Skin Tone

The most important of all of tips on how to wear purple lipstick is to take your time choosing a purple lipstick shade that works best with your skin tone. There are darker purples and lighter purples and while some give you a super sexy chic look, others might not look that great on you.

Ladies with darker skin tones will probably look better wearing a purple lipstick for dark skin, like the ones that fall in the fine line between a red and a purple. While ladies with lighter skin tones can go for a purple lipstick for light skin, that is, a pick amongst tons of cooler purples.

2. Neutral Eye Makeup

There is a simple, well-known base rule for wearing dark lipsticks that you highlight only one feature on your face, it can be either your eyes or your lips. Opt for either a sexy, nicely lined cat eyes or a natural looking smoky eye.

3. Flawless Skin

One of the things usually associated with the whole purple lipstick look is velvety smooth flawless skin. If you are Contouring, using a blush or highlighter try to keep them at a minimal. A matte finish looks splendid with the purple lipstick.

When you have a bold lipstick on, the rest of your face should be kept neutral and shine-free, not only because you’ll look like a pretty porcelain doll but also because it gives the entire look a chic code.

4. A Long Wear Lipstick

When wearing a dark lipstick, you will have to ensure that it does not smudge leaving stains everywhere as this is one messy experience you might want to avoid. The solution is to opt for a long wear, smudge-free lipstick that you could wear more often without having to worry about the collateral damage.

5. Choosing The Right Hairstyle

When your clothes are dark and your hair is also dark and worn down, a purple lipstick doesn’t say glam chic, it spells disaster. Fair-haired ladies on the other hand, usually don’t have to worry about these, like the charming brunettes do. But, it’s only fair that you get one god-gifted thing perfect. You have to thoroughly consider both your outfit and your hairstyle when you are going with a purple-tinted lipstick. Don’t be afraid to make any last minute changes when in doubt regarding anything about your entire look with the purple lipstick, in case it could upgrade your look significantly.

So, is wearing a purple lipstick a big no-no or a big yes for you? You will have to try it out to find out. We hope at least these tips could inspire you to maybe someday give it a shot to the famous “purple lipstick”.


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