We all love reaching for our war paint for a quick beauty fix but according to the experts, you could be adding years to your face with your make-up.

If concealer is your best friend, you layer on the foundation like a mask or you heap glitter onto your eyes for your glam look; you may be the victim of some epic beauty blunders.

We asked the experts for their top tips on avoiding some of the worst make-up mistakes making you appear older.

Here’s six beauty blunders you should avoid to stop you from looking older. Pink loves her black eyeliner but it could be ageing her.

Stop trying to hide imperfections with concealer

It’s time to step away from the thick concealer as it turns out it could be illuminating your imperfections instead of hiding them.

“One of the most common and easiest mistakes to spot is when someone is trying to hide imperfections with a concealer, in particular dark circles,” Nude by Nature make-up artist, Clint Dowdell, told Be.

“After a while the concealer loses all moisture and creases, intensifying the very “situations” (wrinkles and dark circles) you were trying to hide to begin with.”

Instead, Dowdell recommends using a very light layer of a dewy concealer formula that won’t crease throughout the day.

Take care of your canvas

Give your skin the TLC it deserves and not only will your skin feel amazing but your make-up will also glide on like a dream as well.

“Ensuring your using the products that will correctly care for your skin and target your needs and concerns is essential,” former Chanel guru and make-up artist to the stars Anthony Adams, told Be.

“Your skin needs moisture and protection, depending on your lifestyle. I for one swear by it, as I believe it has helped me ward off a few years.

“Target the areas that you feel need the help and the beautiful thing is there are so many brands now to choose from, you can get a regime to suit your own budget.“

Kim Kardashian may be a fan of contouring but concealer sits in line lines and wrinkles.

Stop caking on foundation or choosing the wrong one

One of the biggest beauty blunders a person can make is piling on foundation to cover up lines or wrinkles.

According to the experts, doing this can actually draw attention to some of your most problem areas and make you appear decades older.

“While it is good to even the skin and have a solid base, just remember when you are not as young as you used to be, thick foundation will cake and separate in expression lines and make them even deeper,” Dowdell said.

If you’re on the lookout for a new foundation, make sure you pick the right colour as according to Adams, this can affect your overall look.

“Ladies who have chosen the wrong tone which you can see blended badly, almost making it look mask-like,” he said.

“The best tip is to choose something, that when you dab a small amount onto the skin it blends away so you cant see it.

“If you can see it being either too light or too dark on the skin, then it is not your colour.”

Step away from the glitter

If a dose of glitter means a glam night out to you, you might want to think again, as according to the experts, this look belongs to the younger generation.

“Nothing accentuates wrinkle better than big chunky glitter sitting within them,” Dowdell said.

Adams agreed, saying glitter sits in the wrinkles and lines around the eye areas and makes them appear deeper.

“No one wants to look older,” he said.

“As we age, we need to change our habits. By using natural and neutral tones that compliment your skin tone, they will take years off your appearance.”

Angelina was a bit heavy-handed with the powder and concealer at this red carpet event.

Ditch the thick black eyeliner

Say goodbye to your thick black eyeliner and you could take years off your face, experts say.

“No area on the face is more telling of this than our eyes. Thick liner that smudges under our eyes was hot in the 80’s but when it settles in lines, it’s time to march forward and embrace a new look,” Dowdell said.

Adams recommends swapping your eyeliners and mascaras from the harsh black tones to the more complimentary brown hues.

Stop following trends

Magazines may be full of beautiful beauty shoots but they won’t suit everyone and could in fact age you.

“Try not to follow these trends,” Adams said.

“Sticking to what you know suits you, makes you appear younger, which is what is needed.

“Attempting trends that will often be ageing and using colours that will not assist you in taking years off, should be avoided.”

Source: au.be.yahoo.com

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