Nails are talked about an awful lot in modern society. Even we’re on that bandwagon, we won’t hide from it. Things like the latest nail trends, what type of nails one is wearing at the moment, that kind of stuff. It’s fun! However, the nails you’re about to see on this list compiled by Diply are definitely conversation starters on their own, because they truly look like something you’ve never seen before.

Here are 6 nail designs that should definitely get a conversation going.

1. Quite cheesy

2. How do you like your eggs?

The next time you get asked this question, show the waitress your nails. Enough said

3. How does one text with these?

4. But the real question is…

Will it hurt if someone steps on your hand?

5. Looks like something a witch would have.

A super amazing witch, while we’re at it.

6. I need nails like… like… James P. Sullivan

Those were definitely interesting, weren’t they? I know I certainly am not used to these types of nails. These are more for the adventurous person. Adventurous in terms of their nails, anyway.
Which one of these nail designs was your favorite? Have any more conversation-starter-material nails to share? Let us know in the comments!


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