Frizzy hair can be unmanageable. When your hair is stubborn and unmanageable, home remedies fail to work. So, a good salon treatment is all you need to combat this issue. So here I have listed 6 awesome salon treatments that are perfect for frizzy hair.

Kerastase Fusio Dose

This is a custom blended treatment to revive your hair strands. The hairstylist first takes a closer look at your hair and then decides your hair concern. The treatment is the mix of a booster and a concentrate which is penetrated into every hair strand using nanotechnology. The processing time is five minutes and you will get instant results with this one.

Nanomax Hair Treatment

This unique treatment infuses protein into the hair. Protein is infused into the hair through a mist which is applied directly on the hair with the help of a brush. This is a two-stage process where the hair is first cleansed and then the conditioning treatment is applied on the hair.

Bhave Rescue Hair Treatment

The treatment uses functional keratin which is also known as Replicine. It is originally derived from a sheep’s wool and is very similar to our hair. This penetrates into the hair and thus makes the hair strands much stronger and elastic. The treatment conditions your hair and gives you smooth hair without weighing it down.

Keratin Complex Vitalshot

It is a mini keratin treatment which is formulated with pure keratin protein. It works on all hair types but is perfect for extremely fragile and breakage prone hair. This treatment adds protection and shine to the hair and usually lasts about two to six weeks.

Rene Furterer Astera Fresh

This is good for irritated scalp as it promotes blood circulation in the scalp area. This is formulated with mint, echinacea and eucalyptus to reduce inflammation and calm and cool the scalp. Thus, it improves the quality of hair with time, giving your hair a sleek look.

Amika Virgin

This treatment is effective on damaged and dull hair types. First, a cleanser is applied and then shampooing is done. And finally, a leave-in conditioner is applied on your hair. This acts as a protection shield for each and every hair strand and thus protects it from damage.

These 6 treatments are perfect for every hair type. These will make dull, frizzy hair as good as any other hair type. Let us know in the comments below if you’re aware of these or other amazing treatments for frizzy hair type.


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