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We often spend too much of time prepping our skin and hair but there are some parts of the area in the body which remains untouched. However, due to lack of care, some small areas on the skin show signs of damages for unwanted reasons. One of the common problems faced by everyone in winter is dry skin around the nails. Dry skin around the nails can be really painful. If you often struggle with dry skin around the nails, here are some quick tips to treat them at home.

Read on to know more about the remedies.

1. Warm Water:

Take some warm water and soak your fingers for 10-15 minutes. Now with the help of a nail file, scale out the dry skin cells around the nails gently. Make sure that the dry skin cells are washed out properly. Do not file the soft skin as pulling them may worsen your pain and it may bleed sometimes.

2. Cuticle Oil:

One should add cuticle oil in your daily routine. Apply some cuticle oil on your nails and on the skin around your nails in order to keep them soft, moisturised and healthy. You should apply cuticle oil every day on your nails before going to bed. Wear a pair of thick cotton gloves so that the oil sinks in deeply.

3. Use a Moisturiser:

Just like your face and skin, the area around the nail tends to become dry and flaky due to the cold dry air. In order to keep them healthy and in good condition, you should use a moisturiser. Apply a suitable moisturiser to the hands throughout the day and make sure you use a non-comedogenic moisturiser.

4. Coconut Oil:

If you are not applying cuticle oil, one cheap alternative for using cuticle oil is coconut oil. Coconut oil not only helps in providing moisture but also strengthens the nails. You should massage the surrounding nail area every day to make them stay stronger and hydrated.

5. Intake of Vitamin B:

You should consume foods rich in Vitamin B such as pork, chicken or turkey, fish, bread, whole cereals – such as oatmeal, wheat germ and brown rice, eggs and vegetables. Sometimes due to deficiency of Vitamin B in the body, it may lead to dryness of the skin. And, because the skin around the nail remains unattended, it tends to grow drier and flaky.

6. Pay Attention to the Food Sensitivity:

In case the problem persists, it’s possible that you have a food sensitivity. Food sensitivity generally occurs due to a mild reaction to certain foods in the body. You should observe your daily routine and your diet. If the allergy persists, you should consult a doctor in that case.

7. Do not Bite, Chew or Scratch the Finger Cuts:

Do not bite, chew or scratch the finger cuts as it may increase the problem and may also lead to deep wounds or cuts. If you chew your nails by chance, then you should cover the area with a bandage so that the skin does not come out further. Avoid touching the area as much as possible. Do not attempt to treat finger wounds at home as they are not superficial. Deep cuts or cuts into the nail require professional medical attention.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com