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I am back with another post for you all. Today, I would be sharing few tips to make foundation look smooth. Applying foundation can leave you with radiant, fresh and glowing skin. It helps to cover acne, blemishes and dark spots on the face. A good foundation can surely leave you with flawless skin. However, sometimes foundations can give you cakey and uneven skin as well. If you want to make your foundation look smooth and natural, here are some useful tips that you should follow.

1. Prepare your skin:

Before you apply foundation, you should prepare your skin so that it does not look cakey and ashy. Rough and dry skin may break the foundation and leave you with an unpleasant look. Start with exfoliating your skin. It will make your skin smooth and remove the dead skin cells. Once you have exfoliated, apply some moisturizer and let your skin absorb it. Foundation on a smooth and moisturized face will give you the flawless finish.
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2. Use your fingers:

Experts have confirmed that applying foundation with fingers can help to achieve an even coverage. It gives you more sheer and natural look. Start by applying dots of foundation on the skin and blend it with fingers.

3. Less is more:

Always start with a little amount of foundation. Spread it evenly on the skin and blend. Put some more if required. Less is more when it comes to sheer, flawless and radiant skin.

4. Avoid excess moisturizer:

Do not apply too much moisturizer before makeup. It may lead to excessive shine on the face. Applying too much moisturizer can make the foundation separate and leave you with cakey face. It is always good to apply small amount of moisturizer on the face and let it get absorbed. Remove the excess using a blotting paper.

5. Choose the foundation wisely:

Another important step is choosing the right foundation according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should go for an oil free foundation. People with extremely dry skin should opt for a hydrating foundation. There are foundations that are made for people with acne prone skin. So, know your skin type and choose wisely.

6. Right tools for blending the foundation:

If not using your fingers, you should be using the right tools to blend the foundation. You can use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation and blend it with a makeup sponge/blender.
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7. Use setting powder:

You should always set your foundation with a setting powder. It is considered to be the last step and it makes your makeup crease-less. It can make your skin look natural, velvety and radiant as well.

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Source: makeupandbeauty.com