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As we all know, epilation is one of the best methods to remove unwanted hair. It removes hair from the roots, leaving your skin silky and smooth for long. But, what about the pain? Yes, epilation can be a painful process with its intensity varying from person to person. But thankfully, there are many tips and tricks that can reduce pain and soothe your skin for a better hair removal experience. Want to know more about these tips? Keep reading.

Always take a shower

You should always use your epilator in the shower or after taking a bath with lukewarm water. Preferably, take a shower beforehand to open your pores and make hair removal easier. Girls who use epilator on dry skin often experience more pain and unsatisfactory results. Take a bath with warm water to open up your pores and soften hair for easy epilation.


It is important to exfoliate your skin before epilation. Exfoliation is important to get rid of the dead skin cells and dirt. Proper exfoliation also prevents the risk of ingrown hair. You can use an exfoliating scrub or gloves to exfoliate your skin regularly to maintain a smooth skin.

Try a wet and dry epilator

You should opt for a wet and dry epilator in order to reduce pain. You can epilate in the shower while your skin is still wet or use it after a shower, whichever hurts you less. You can invest in an epilator that can be used in both the conditions to find out which method hurts you less.

Lathering trick

Lather your skin while using an epilator as it can surely reduce the pain. Just take some foaming gel or shower gel and create a lot of lather with it. Now, use the epilator and run it over the skin smoothly to get the best results. Make sure your epilator is meant to be used in this way to get the desired results. This will hurt you less and give you a silky smooth skin.

Pull the skin tight

Pull your skin as tight as you can while using an epilator. Use one hand to pull your skin and the other one to epilate. Holding your skin tight and stretching it in the opposite direction can make your hair more prominent for the epilator. Hence, even smallest of hairs can be removed easily.


Many experts suggest to go for a waxing session before you start using an epilator. If you have a low pain tolerance level, just wax your skin first and then use an epilator after a few days. This way, your hair will grow out thinner and softer, unlike shaving, and removing it will be painless.

Use a numbing cream

Many girls use numbing creams before hair removal session and that’s okay. Emla Cream is one of the best numbing creams. Since such creams are expensive, you can use them only on certain sensitive areas. Find out which body parts hurt the most during epilation, apply the cream and then epilate in a painless manner.

Ice and aloe vera gel

Skin tends to hurt a little even after you’re done epilating. To soothe and comfort your skin, just rub some aloe vera gel or ice cubes on your skin to prevent redness and swelling.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com