Love is in the air … err, hair.

1Twisted Heart Braid

Switch up your long-hair look by weaving your strands into this twisted heart braid, like beauty blogger Natalie Tasha’s.


Kick your V-day look up a notch by turning your regular bun in a beautiful heart shape. To do so, manipulate a hair donut into a heart shape using elastic hair ties to create the heart.

3A Sweetheart Style

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can just wear it in your hair? To recreate this look, part your hair past the crown of your head. Then, where the part stops, begin braiding your hair (crossing the three sections of hair under each other to create an inverted braid) in a curved formation so that heart shape forms properly.


Create a heart-shaped design by mapping out a heart-shaped part first with a fine-toothed comb, and then rope braiding the rest of your hair.


How. Sweet. Is. This? Make your own mini heart by pulling your hair back, securing it with an elastic hair tie, separating it into two sections, and twisting each one until they coil up into this formation. Keep the bottom ends in place with two bobby pins placed in an “X” formation.

6A Whole Lot of Heart

Recreate this lovely formation by parting your hair down the middle, braiding it on each side of your part along your hairline, and then securing the two long three-strand braids into a heart shape using bobby pins.

7A Sweet and Subtle Swoop

On your wedding day, instead of pinning all of the curls into place, hiding their ends, allow two curls that are positioned next to one another to create a heart shape.


Show your sweet side by turning your usual low ponytail or traditional braid into something more complex.