There are multiple hair colours available in the market but have you ever wondered which one you will be able to rock? Well, we have already covered the topic of how to choose the best hair colour for your skin tone. Now, we are all set to begin on the topic of which are the best hair colours for dark skin tone.

1. Red Hair:

Red hair looks amazing on dark skin tones. Red also brings the glow to your skin. There are different shades of red available for your hair. You need to find out which is the best red colour for your skin tone. Subtle dark auburn reds or bright cherry reds look amazing on almost all skin tones. But with really darker skin tone, burgundy shades would look amazing.

2. Blonde:

Some dark skin tones who aim for a dewy finish look amazing in blonde shades. But blonde shades require a lot of maintenance and it needs to go with your makeup rightly also. Sometimes, you can complement your blonde hair colour with your lipstick colour and sometimes, you can try it with the eye makeup.

3. Black and Ombre:

With darker skin tones, brown, black and ombre colour goes amazingly well. I will tell you how to make this colour work. If you have black colour then just go the opposite route. Choose a lighter brown colour for your hair and apply it from the hair end to the mid-way. Now, when the brown colour dries off, you can see a beautiful ombre effect which will look amazing on darker skin tone.

4. Purple:

If you want to go a bit bold and dramatic, then go for the purple hair colour. This will look amazing with your darker skin tone and highlight your face at the same time. This will also add a rockstar finish to your face.

5. Silver:

If you love the old British feel and if you are a fan of the princely hair, then this definitely should be your pick. Go with silver coloured hair. This will look gorgeous on long hair. This will act as a perfect contrast to your hair and thus, it will bring out a beautiful glow to your face.

6. Pink:

We are not telling you to go with the dark pink hair. By pink, we are here referring to the subtle pink colour. This will go well with your dark skin tone and will give a natural look to your face. This also adds a shimmering effect to your look.

7. Blue Green:

This is another trendy and pop style hair colour which looks amazing on darker skin tone. This is a hair colour which will never go out of style and will add the perfect dose of glow to your complexion.

8. Lilac:

Another blue-based colour which looks sexy on darker skin tone. This adds a dewy finish to your complexion and looks extremely stylish on your face. This colour looks extremely flattering on darker skin tones. So, you can easily decide on the shade variation to find out what works best for you.

9. Brown:

There are different shades of brown and it looks amazing on darker skin tones. Brown colour compliments the dark skin tone well and it gives a sexy look to your hair. But you need to find out which is the best brown colour for your skin tone. For instance, African women look best in mahogany and toffee hair colours.


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