We often take a lot of time in prepping our nails, but sometimes forget about their health. We take care of our skin, hands and feet, then why do we ignore our nails? They too require proper attention and indulgence. You are going as usual in your day-to-day life without noticing that few of your habits could be ruining your pretty nails. So, let’s read further to know what you should strictly not do.

Wearing a nail polish for more than a week could be the reason behind nail discolouration. When you do so, you are not letting your nails breathe. This makes them brittle, weak and discoloured. There may be the appearance of white patches also, which means your nails are super dry. You must let your nails breathe for 2-3 weeks between each manicure session.

Peeling off the nail polish

When your nail polish starts chipping, you should not begin picking it up. Rather, it should be removed with an intoxicant-free nail polish remover. Peeling your nail polish could lead to the disruptions in the top layer of your nails. This could make them weaker and breakage-prone.

Skipping base coat

If you have yellow tinted nails then you must be skipping your base coat. Always use a base coat before applying the nail polish. This not only prevents your nails from getting that yellow tint but also keeps them hydrated to an extent.

Pulling cuticles out

Cuticles are there for a reason and if you are cutting your cuticle frequently then it could damage your nails in some way. Cuticles help your nails to be free from fungal and bacterial infections. Cutting down your cuticles will make your nails look dry and vulnerable. Over a course of time, if you go on picking out your cuticles, it may lead to the formation of ridges on your nails.

Filing in the wrong way

Do you file your nails in a back and forth motion? You are doing it wrong, then. When you file your nails in a back and forth motion, you make them vulnerable and tear-prone. It could lead to splitting and peeling. Aside from this, choosing a super grit file could also damage them further. Always use a medium to fine grit file and file your nail in one direction only.

Using nails as a tool

Remember when you used your nails to pick up a label or to scratch a mark or to open a soda can? Yes, I am talking about those times when you mercilessly let your nails do the work as a tool. Using your nails as a tool only harms them. It can cause them to split, bend, or break. Now is the time to stop being rough and tough on your nails.

Not providing hydration

If your nails are dry and you are not providing them with enough hydration, then they will become brittle and weak. Your nails will start to flake off and there will be discolouration issues. So, never forget to moisturise your nails along with your hands. Also, if you have extremely dry nails then do invest in a nail cream or oil to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Doing chores with bare hands

Not wearing gloves while doing household chores not only harms your hands but nails too. If you are using house cleaners, especially alcohol-based one, on a regular basis, then you’re just affecting the health of your nails. While doing dishes, your nails are wet all the time and they get prone to breakage. So, don’t forget to put those gloves on before coming into action.

Choosing chemical-laden lacquers

Like other skincare and beauty products, nail polishes are also not created equally. There are some with more chemicals and some with less. Choosing those chemical-laden nail polishes has a great impact on your nail health and appearance. Hence, you must check the ingredients before purchasing your nail lacquers and opt for polishes which are free from toxic chemicals.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com