You really don’t want to meet this cake in a dark alley – it’s dangerous! Seriously though, this funky, quirky chocolate cake is as cool as it gets.

Its final look might deceive you into thinking it is an incredibly complicated cake to decorate, but you would be surprised at how simple it actually is.

All you really need to do is to melt some dark and white chocolate with the dark one as the base, over which the white chocolate is applied. Then the two types of chocolate are artistically intertwined with a knife.

Once they have dried, carefully peel them off and attach them to the cake.

Make sure the chocolate is completely dry

Using the dried chocolate forms, create circular walls that close themselves on every level of the cake

Encircle the base of the cake with the dried chocolate forms. Voilà!

Watch the video below to get the full down-low on this incredibly eye-catching cake.


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