Did you know that retro cell phones are seeing a significant resurgence in recent years? Many people just don’t need all the extra apps and options that a smartphone offers, but do need longer-lasting batteries, and unshatterablescreens.

Back in 2014, Daily Mail reported that prices for some vintage models are soaring, and that you can’t buy some Nokias, Motorolas, Ericssons for less than €1000. According to a report by the Japan Times from the same year, retro cell phone retail had already long overgrown the niche market status.

On the other hand, many people consider the retro cell phone designs funkily-fascinating.

If you are in that group, you don’t really need to pay a lot of money just to get the looks of a 1990s phone.

This easy DIY tutorial will show you how you can do a great tribute to vintage cells without losing all those apps and features you cannot imagine your life without.

Source: metdaan.com

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