Nails have become more of a fashion rage these days. The days of changing nail polish every now and then are passe. Nowadays, girls are beginning to explore big nails, matte nails, nail extensions and what have you.

Why leave Acrylic nails. They embellish the hands, make the fingers look longer and give a gorgeous appearance.

First of all what are acrylic nails? Acrylic nails are artificial nail extensions which are applied on top of the natural nails that you have. But don’t think they are brittle and have smaller nail life. On the contrary, acrylic nails are long, sturdy, and durable and apt for those of you who wish to have long nails but have problems growing their own.

Question is how to do acrylic nails? Is it tough and time-consuming or fast and easy to do? Does it always need a salon visit?

Well well well, before I share tips for acrylic nails or tips acrylic nails please know first that you can very much perfect how to make acrylic nails at home. Since they come in a standard looking long size at any drugstore or beauty supply store, which you can even buy online, you can trim and shape acrylic nails according to your preference and taste.

All you need is the right nail polish shade, a little nail art and hand accessories to make your acrylic nails accentuate your hands and overall appearance.

Tools Needed For Acrylic Nails

Before applying acrylic nails, you must know what do i need to do acrylic nails? Following are the products you need in how to do acrylic nails:

  • Nail file
  • Nail cutter or clipper
  • Acrylic nails
  • Acrylic nail glue
  • Nail forms
  • Monomer liquid
  • Acrylic nail powder
  • Small glass bowl
  • Brush
  • Toothpick
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish (optional)
  • Primer pen (optional)


Here we go figuring out how to do acrylic nails.

Step 1

Remove the old nail polish (if on).

Step 2

Now is the time to trim, file and buff your nails. Using a nail clipper trim your nails to a comfortable length. See to it that you don’t trim your nails very short.

Now file your nails and even out the free edges at the tips. In addition, buff or swipe your nail surface gently. Any kind of abrasive action will damage the natural nails so don’t be aggressive. Buff the cuticle area more.

Step 3

Find out the size and fit of the acrylic nail tip. Normally, acrylic nails have translucent marking on the lower end of the inverted side of the nail. Place the marking point at the beginning of your natural nail. See to it that the acrylic nail adjusts itself onto your natural nail in the best possible way.

Step 4

Once you have adjusted the acrylic nail on top of your natural nail, see to it that the base of the acrylic nail doesn’t go beyond the middle of your natural nail. By any chance if it has happened, then trim the bottom part of the acrylic nail.

Step 5

Use glue on the bottom of the acrylic nail to apply acrylic nails. The translucent marking point that you see on the inverted side of the acrylic nails is the one that will stick to your natural nails.

Once you apply the glue, stick the acrylic nail immediately in order to prevent the glue from drying.

Now holding the acrylic nail with the index finger and thumb of your other hand, apply gentle pressure for 10 minutes on the nail so that the acrylic nail can stay firmly.

Repeat this step of how to make acrylic nails with the balance nails too.

Step 6

Cut the acrylic nails with a nail cutter.

Step 7

File the base and tips of the acrylic nails to get the required shape.

Talking about what liquid do you use for acrylic nails, you can mix a liquid called a monomer with a powder called a polymer and then apply the mixture to your nail where it will harden.


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