You can be forgiven for thinking that nail art is a trend that has become popular recently. Truth be told, nail art has been around since… forever!

Yes, believe it or not, nail art has been around way before even biblical times! For example, back in Egyptian times, nail art was used by women for seduction and promoting social status. The Ming dynasty was famous for their extremely long nails, and would often decorate them with diamonds and jewels.

Surprising to think that such a simple, fun, artistic concept originates from a place and time you wouldn’t expect at all.

The times have changed since then, though…

Of course, nail art isn’t used to promote social status nowadays. It’s simply used as a fun way to decorate your nails and give them a bit of flair.

Now, tell me, how many times have you heard people complain that they don’t wanna try nail art themselves because [insert ridiculous excuse here]?

Well, if the answer to that is many times, here’s a beginner’s tutorial on how to add some flair to your nails LIKE A BOSS.


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