Russian nail art pro Sveta Sanders comes back with another one of her out of this world art patterns! And I am not just saying that figuratively. Literally, this particular pattern places abstract art right there on your nail! It looks like layers of liquid, gas, stones and star dust on some yet undiscovered planet!

You will need a silicone mat. Why do I need this? In order to draw a couple of trails of different nail polish colors on top of it. The nail polish won’t dry out that fast and that’s exactly what we need!

Now, take a piece of plastic nylon in the shape of a square and place it right on top of the trails. Tap the plastic piece with one finger gently on top of the trails. You want to even out the trails the best you can. Also, you want to create a really thin layer of nail polish underneath the plastic square.

Next, remove the nylon. The nail polish left on the mat should be dried down and should’ve formed a decal. This is what you’ll need actually.

Paint the nail with a base translucent nail polish. That will be your base coat. It will also react as a kind of glue between the finger and the decal. Place the decal on top. Tap a little bit and wait for it to dry.

Cut the remaining sides of the decal with scissors. Apply one more coat of translucent nail polish to secure the decal from the top.

This is really an intricate pattern and makes your nails look so expensive and exclusive.

One of her followers in YouTube was so taken aback by the result that she commented:

“Ok, so how is it that this woman doesn’t have a few million subscribers? I mean, I know I can barely count I know I’m no mathematician, but something seems a little off with her subscription box. Must be some sort of YouTube glitch where the last few zeros of her subscriber count aren’t showing up on screen. Or something. Hope they get that fixed.”


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