Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and see these pretty girl’s where everything is so on point, it kind of annoys you? Like how can your skin look so flawless and who is your daily makeup artist?

Leading YouTube beauty and style guru Chloe Morello from Australia has racked up over 2.1 million subscribers on her channel. She offers informative, educational, and fun tutorials as well as reviews on beauty and skincare products, hair styling advice, and tips on personal style. Recently she shared a tutorial on how to create flawless Instagram skin. Look and listen good ladies:


The 26-year-old starts with a moisturizer and a primer which she puts on the super oily areas. Chloe follows with a foundation, contouring, concealing, blush, bronzer and highlighter. She is using new brushes which as she says aren’t worth spending money on.


For the eyes, she is keeping it very simple with a glittery, brown eyeshadow color and mascara.


She continues with a nude lipstick and lip gloss on top of them.

To add more drama and style to the look, the YouTuber draws some freckles on her face and combines with a scarf around her head and glasses.

If you guys would like to see more, click down below and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com

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